Another Incident Of Ticketless Train Passenger Refusing To Vacate Seat Goes Viral; Railway Responds

Explore the reactions and demands for stricter rules.

by Mallika Khurana
Another Incident Of Ticketless Train Passenger Refusing To Vacate Seat Goes Viral; Railway Responds

In recent train news that’s stirring quite a buzz, a ticketless passenger caused quite a stir by refusing to budge from a seat she occupied without a ticket. The incident unfolded as co-passengers repeatedly asked the woman to vacate the seat, but she stood her ground, even claiming to be a Railways employee. Caught on camera and shared by X (previosly known as Twitter) user Shonee Kapoor, the video sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many expressing outrage.

Ticketless Passenger Refuses To Vacate Seat

“The lady is occupying a reserved seat without a ticket. Refused to get up, arguing with everybody around. Best usage of #women-card,” Mr. Kapoor captioned the post, highlighting the contentious nature of the incident.

This video has generated significant attention online, prompting responses from official railway accounts. Railway Seva, the support account for passengers, requested journey details for further investigation, urging concerned individuals to share information either via direct message or through designated railway support channels.

Similarly, Northern Railway also chimed in, echoing the call for journey details to address the situation. Amidst the flood of reactions in the comments section, demands for stricter rules and better enforcement from authorities were prevalent. Some users expressed frustration at what they perceived as entitlement and called for penalties and accountability for such behaviour. Others highlighted the need for improved systems to prevent such incidents and streamline ticket verification processes.

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Overcrowding Woes In Indian Trains

But this isn’t an isolated case. Similar stories have been cropping up with alarming frequency. From overcrowded platforms to chaotic scenes, as passengers struggle to board already-packed coaches, the challenges of train travel in India seem to be mounting.

In one instance, a user expressed dismay over the deteriorating conditions in Sleeper and 3AC coaches, highlighting how even confirmed ticket holders are often left stranded due to overcrowding and unauthorised occupation of reserved berths. The situation isn’t just inconvenient; it poses safety risks and hygiene concerns, especially for vulnerable passengers.

Another video showcased passengers swarming AC compartments and locking themselves inside, prompting calls for decisive action against ticketless travel and unauthorized occupancy of reserved coaches.

These incidents underscore a pressing need for better enforcement of regulations and improved infrastructure to handle the growing demand for train travel in India. From ensuring adequate staffing to implementing effective ticketing systems, there’s certainly a lot that needs to be addressed to make train journeys safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Cover Image Courtesy: Shonee Kapoor/X