Aramness Gir’s 18 Kothis, Boasting Private Plunge Pools & Forest Vistas, Redefine Wilderness Stay

Join for an immersive journey beyond the ordinary, where opulent accommodations and expert-guided safaris merge to create an unforgettable adventure.

by Mallika Khurana
Aramness Gir’s 18 Kothis, Boasting Private Plunge Pools & Forest Vistas, Redefine Wilderness Stay

A new era dawns in a symphony of wilderness, where the untamed spirit of nature harmonises with the opulent touch of human ingenuity. Picture this: the hallowed grounds of Gir National Park, an ancient theatre of wildlife’s grandeur, now stir with a groundbreaking pulse. At the heart of this revolution stands Aramness Gir. It is a sanctuary of adventure and luxury entwined, poised to redefine the very essence of wildlife exploration.

Aramness Gir Unveils The Majesty Of Asiatic Lions


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Beyond the attraction of Central India’s famous big cats, Aramness Gir is set to take a revolutionary step forward and revolutionise the world of wildlife adventures. The landscape of exploration expands as Gir National Park throws open its gates. It invites enthusiasts to witness the mesmerising saga of the Asiatic lions, whose numbers now soar past 600. Gir’s embrace contains the only continent outside of Africa where these majestic animals flourish in their native environment.

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The Ultimate Safari Upgrade Waits For You


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A significant turning point was reached in October when the Forest Department introduced 40 Bolero jeeps that were specially designed. These safari vehicles promise visitors to Aramness Gir an unmatched expedition into the heart of the natural world. They signal the beginning of a new era of safari experiences. Accompanied by seasoned naturalists who serve as guides, guests are treated to more than just amazing wildlife displays. They are fully engaged in an insightful story about how conservation efforts have shaped the lives of jungle inhabitants, particularly the famous Asiatic lions.

Situated on the brink of Gir National Park, Aramness Gir is a testament to the imaginative partnership between Fox Browne Creative and Nicholas Plewman Architects. They are widely recognised for their masterful creation of opulent African lodges. The eco-village-inspired lodge features eighteen tastefully designed kothis. They each come with a private plunge pool offering expansive views of the jungle. The lodge seamlessly combines modern and traditional design elements.

Encounter 300+ Species In Gir National Park’s Rich Tapestry


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“Our guests will luxuriate in the comfort of these newly introduced customised jeeps and revel in the expertise of our naturalists, creating an immersive experience,” declares Parikshit Rathore, the lodge manager. He also highlights that Gir National Park is home to a varied array of fauna. Here, you can encounter striped hyenas, mongoose, civets, chousingha, leopards, and over 300 different species of birds, in addition to the majestic Asiatic lions

A stay here guarantees experiences with nature that go beyond the ordinary. Leaving a lasting legacy of enrichment, Aramness Gir also promises to revolutionise the safari experience. Adventurers are invited by Aramness Gir to set out on a journey that will leave a lasting impression, where the luxurious lifestyle meets the legacy of Asiatic lion conservation. The season certainly brings with it an unmatched fusion of luxury and authenticity.

It sets the stage for an odyssey through wildlife led by Aramness Gir’s protectors of preservation and renewal

Where: 177/2, Haripur Village, Haripur – Bhalchhel Rd, Amblash, Chitrod, Gujarat
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: starting at ₹1,02,000/night

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