Arctic Bomb Cyclone Is Raising Havoc In The US, 4400 Flights Cancelled. Here’s All You Need To Know

by Shreya Rathod
Arctic Bomb Cyclone Is Raising Havoc In The US, 4400 Flights Cancelled. Here’s All You Need To Know

Cyclones are not a new thing in the United States. However, this recent one is raising havoc. The Arctic Bomb Cyclone has caused airplane companies to cancel scheduled flights, further disrupting holiday planes for the locals. This is the busiest time of the year, however, this coinciding with a powerful storm doesn’t give a holiday feel. If you are travelling, make sure you know the recent developments of airlines.

Cancelled Airlines Due To Arctic Bomb Cyclone

Arctic Bomb Cyclone
Credits: Pexels

On Thursday, there was a cancellation of 2350 flights. This took the delayed flight count to 8,450. This included airlines like United Airlines and American Airlines. Moreover, Southwest Airlines cancelled 865 airlines. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there is an expectation of major disruption in Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Another cancellation of 2,120 flights happened on Friday. Delta Airlines warned about additional cancellations after 140 flights on Thursday and 40 on Friday. Also, there was an additional cancellation of 550 Southwest Airline flights.

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Trains Cancelled By Amtrak

The only alternative to flights are trains. However, due to the situation with the cyclone, Amtrak cancelled the scheduled trains between Chicago and New York. Further, they cancelled trains from Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois.
Passengers are hoping to get access to any kind of transportation service and facility to get to their destination, while some are stranded at airports. They are even considering taking a bus to travel long distances. This has surely caused a problem for people and the authorities.

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