Are Mumbaikars Loving Mumbai Metro Lines 2A & 7? First Reactions Are In!

by Shreya Rathod
Are Mumbaikars Loving Mumbai Metro Lines 2A & 7? First Reactions Are In!

The new metro lines are finally here. And this is no less than a festival for Mumbaikars. Just after the inauguration of Metro Lines 2A and 7 by PM Modi, passengers sprung to take a ride. As a matter of fact, they were waiting for 20 minutes before 4:00 pm, the time for the first metro ride. And ticket counters were filled with long queues of impatient people. But, what are Mumbaikars really thinking about this new addition to the city’s transit system? Take a look at these tweets by them.

Reactions To The New Mumbai Metro Lines

Just after the new metro was open to people, Twitter was flooded with tweets about it. Almost everyone is showing their gratitude and excitement for these new lines. Many are even tweeting about how this has made their travel to the office easy and comfortable. One of them has even tweeted a picture of Lower Parel Metro station with a funny caption:

Another user has tweeted a similar picture, but of a different station with the caption saying ‘most fertile station’. Take a look:

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But this video tweet of a couple carrying Nariyal and Agarbatti to wish good luck to Mumbai Metro will put a smile on your face.

These reactions of Mumbaikars were some of the funniest ones, that we could get.

New Facility For Mumbaikars

mumbai metro reaction
Credits: Devendra Fadnavis/ Twitter

The Mumbai Metro has made the ‘Mumbai One Card’ available for people who travel daily. Also, they have launched a Mumbai Metro app under the Digital Bharat scheme. Though it is a great option for metro goers, there were complaints that these cards are not in working condition. Surely, the authorities will look into it.

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Anyways, tell us know what you thought of these reactions. Also, if you found some funny tweets about Mumbai Metro. And how was your experience in the new Mumbai Metro? If you haven’t taken a ride, then what are you waiting for?

Cover Image Courtesy: Devendra Fadnavis/ Twitter