Mumbaikars Can Now Hop On The Mumbai Metro With National Common Mobility Card Service 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbaikars Can Now Hop On The Mumbai Metro With National Common Mobility Card Service 

Here’s some good news for commuters. If you are travelling between Andheri and Dahisar, the two suburbs of Mumbai, you can easily get on the new metro line, which will be functional from January 20. Line 2A will run concurrently with Line 7 from Dahisar to Andheri West. Well, if you think this is the only news, we have another one. The National Common Mobility Card will now allow you to hop on the Mumbai metro as well. 

Mumbai Metro Service Available On National Common Mobility Card 

The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) service allows you to hop on any transport, anywhere in India, without having to buy the ticket. The card will be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 19. After BEST buses, Mumbai Metro is the next service available at this facility. With this, a new mobile application named Mumbai 1 will also be launched. This application will contain all the information related to Mumbai’s metro services.

 The facility of the National Common Mobility Card will be available for the entire country, while the application will be only for the Metro in Mumbai. The public transportation systems of other countries will also be integrated slowly. You can recharge your card only in multiples of ₹100 and ₹2000 is the limit. 

National Common Mobility Card
Pic credits: @ncmc/website

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Mumbai Metro Line 2A And 7 Will Be available From January 20

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has announced that from January 20, commuters can travel through the new metro corridor Line 2A and 7. The city’s traffic will be greatly reduced by these two lines that run on the east and west sides of the suburb. People can easily travel in air-conditioned metros on a fare of ₹10 for every 3 kilometres without having to face traffic at WEH and Link Road. 

 The new elevated lines will cut crowding on local trains by 10-15%. It is also expected that the vehicular traffic, especially on WEH and Link Road, will reduce by 25 percent. Every day, the lines are expected to carry 3 to 4 lakh commuters. The first service on January 20 will start from Andheri West at 6 am and the last one will be at 9:24 pm. The service will be running at a gap of 10 minutes during non-peak hours and 8 minutes at peak hours. 

National Common Mobility Card
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Lets welcome easy commuting soon!

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