Argentina Tourist Missing After Being Tested COVID Positive At Agra

by Shreya Ghosh
Argentina Tourist Missing After Being Tested COVID Positive At Agra

A tourist from Argentina travelled to India to explore the country. And after his visit to the Taj Mahal on 26 December, something very shocking happened. The 48-year-old Argentine man visited one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. That’s when he had to undergo a random COVID test near the Western gate of the mausoleum and ever since then, he went missing. Why is he missing and what really happened? Well, read on to know it all!

Argentine Tourist Went Missing After Getting COVID-Positive Result

Picture Credit: Unsplash

The foreign visitor went to the historical monument on 26 December where he was tested because of preventative measures. The result was received on 28 December and he tested COVID positive. Later, the officials of the Health Department of Uttar Pradesh informed him about the same and since then the man went missing. In fact, he also provided the wrong contact number with an extra digit and shared the wrong hotel name as well. Arun Kumar Srivastava, the Chief medical officer of Agra shared that the details are wrong.

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It is getting quite difficult to trace the man as the information provided by him is incorrect. Both the health department and police are searching for him and they even informed airport authorities, ASI, and the local intelligence unit to keep an eye on getting any sort of information about the missing COVID-positive tourist.

Tourists Visiting The Taj Mahal On That Day Hardly Followed Any Norms

Visitors from all around visit the Taj Mahal every day and on the day of random testing, more than 30,000 tourists travelled there. There were crowds and several lines where visitors waited for a long time to explore the mausoleum. Most tourists did not follow any sort of protocols, did not wear a mask, or even maintain physical distancing. And on that very day, many visitors were chosen for random testing. The tests took place near the Eastern and Western gates of the Taj Mahal. As shared by Arun Kumar Srivastava, once they find the COVID-positive Argentine tourist, he will be isolated.

COVID cases are increasing all around and we need to be very cautious and follow the COVID protocols.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay