Artist Creates King Charles III’s Portrait Using Toasts & Marmite Ahead Of His Coronation

by Tooba Shaikh
Artist Creates King Charles III’s Portrait Using Toasts & Marmite Ahead Of His Coronation

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that King Charles III is to be coronated tomorrow. People of England and Royalists are no doubt excited about this. It is going to be a gala event with loads of things to look forward to. One well-wisher, who just happens to be an artist, celebrated the coronation in a unique way. He decided to create a portrait of King Charles III out of toasts and marmite.

Artist Creates A Portrait Of King Charles III From Toasts And Marmite

Having your portrait painted is probably one of the most traditionally regal activities one can do. Kings and Queens of Yore have stood before painters for hours on end and had them done. Hence, it is quite apropos that ahead of his coronation, King Charles III, too, had his portrait painted.

Except it wasn’t on a canvas. It was on multiple pieces of toast. And the artist didn’t use regular paint, he used marmite. Nathan Wyburn has a knack for creating likenesses of famous people in unconventional places.

He even shared a time-lapse video of how he managed to accomplish this remarkable feat. And clearly, he has a sense of humour because he supplemented the portrait with a punny caption ending in “Why not purchase your own Marmite jar and raise a ‘toast’ too?”

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Punny Caption And Amazing Portrait

The artist took to his Twitter to share the entire creative process of the portrait. Since it was shared on the micro-blogging website yesterday, it has garnered more than 12 thousand views. It seems that the artist officially collaborated with Marmite in order to make that portrait.

Marmite on toast is a traditional and classic British snack. Hence, the portrait would definitely strike a chord in the people. Many claim that marmite is an acquired taste only people who have been eating it from the beginning of their life would enjoy its taste. It is a distinctively British snack and has a strong taste. The spread is made from yeast extract.

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Cover Image Credits: @NathanWyburnArt/Twitter