Arunachal Pradesh’s Changlang Is A Paradise For Nature Lovers & This Video By An IAS Officer Is Proof!

by Vinita Jain
Arunachal Pradesh’s Changlang Is A Paradise For Nature Lovers & This Video By An IAS Officer Is Proof!

The North East is one of the most fascinating regions in India. The reasons behind this are the majestic mountains, spectacular rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, and numerous natural attractions. The exclusive biodiversity and beauty of north-eastern states attract many visitors from across the world. Recently, IAS officer Sunny K Singh visited one of the north-eastern districts ‘Changlang’ and he was stunned by the beauty.

Check Out The Beauty Of This Destination

IAS officer shared a wholesome and mesmerising video from the Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh. That video featured stunning views from Namdapha National Park. It also takes viewers across the tiger reserve. The video features colourful butterflies, elephants, horses, cascading falls, lush greenery, mountains, and pleasant lakes. This video sums up the beauty of Changlang.

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Changlang: The Perfect Tranquil destination

Sunny K Singh captioned the video as “Captivating landscape”. That’s completely true because the stunning landscapes, biodiversity, pristine falls, and lakes make Changlang a must-visit. However, bursting with biodiversity, the Changlang district is located in the north-eastern corner of Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost point of India.

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Here’s How Netizens Reacted

Well, this 2-minute video is definitely helping to boost tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. Along with complimenting the divine beauty of Changlang, Netizens also wish to visit this destination soon.

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Cover image courtesy: Pexels & Sunny K Singh Twitter