Ashrams In Pondicherry That Are Best For Meditation, Spirituality, And Tranquility

by Vinita Jain
Ashrams In Pondicherry That Are Best For Meditation, Spirituality, And Tranquility

Pondicherry now known as Puducherry is a beautiful quaint Union territory. It has a touch of French architecture and because of that, it is claimed that Pondicherry is the perfect blend of spiritual communities, beaches, gorgeous lanes, and bylanes of the French colony. And along with this Pondicherry also has quite a few ashrams present which along with Pondicherry beaches help in relaxing and healing your body, mind, and soul.

However, let me introduce you to some of the best ashrams Pondicherry has. These ashrams do ensure to provide you with inner peace and contentment with various methods. The ashrams listed below provide insights into yoga, wisdom, spiritual healing process.

1. Aurobindo Ashram

This ashram was created by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh in the year 1926. This was set up with an aim to help people attain inner peace and moksha. Basically, Aurobindo Ashram helps people in walking their respective spiritual journeys to accomplish Moksha. At present, it is believed that there are around 500 devotees and around 1300 patients.

One can avail of a lot of facilities only after getting a gate pass from the bureau central. Facilities like access to the library, all three meals, exhibitions at bureau central, etc. The best time to visit Aurobindo Ashram is during winters because of the climate. The charges for sea-facing rooms start from ₹2900 and non-sea-facing for ₹2100. One can opt for single bedrooms also for cheaper prices.

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2. Sri Chandru Ashram

Sri Chandru Ashram is a prosperous escape from your daily routine. It is located on Pondy Cuddalore Road. This ashram was found by Sri Chandu Guruji himself. At the age of 13, he began practicing various non-religious preaching. Now via this ashram people can elevate their learnings and can find wisdom, love, and spirituality. They run various yoga classes also in order to heal their patients and guests.

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3. Arul Ashram

Arul ashram can be a weekend getaway option to recharge yourself. They aim in providing the utmost joy, peace, and mercy through compassion, education, and care. Arul ashram also provides care for the needy. They also have a center named Jeeva Nivas for orphaned children suffering from AIDS. Moreover, it is an ideal place to experience the charity of Christ.

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4. Natura Ashram

Natura Ashram is a community accommodation spot for travelers. Apart from smoking and alcohol consumption they provide a calm and composed environment. They conduct various activities and workshops to make their guest’s stay a memorable one. Along with this they even offer scrumptious South-Indian delicacies.

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So, these were a few ashrams from Pondicherry. You can book your place there and have a thriving escape from your regular life.

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