Avoid Gold-Plating Airports To Keep Travel Cost Within Common Man’s Budget: Parliamentary Panel

by Shreya Rathod
Avoid Gold-Plating Airports To Keep Travel Cost Within Common Man’s Budget: Parliamentary Panel

A parliamentary panel recommended that the government ensure the cost-effectiveness of airport infrastructure expansion. They also stated that travel costs remain affordable for the average person. In fact, they even opposed the idea of “gold plating” airports.

Parliamentary Body Opposed The Idea Of Gold-Plating

gold plating airport
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According to the panel led by Rajya Sabha MP Sujeet Kumar, the average passenger is the most significant stakeholder in the industry. This is because of their growing desire and need to travel by air over a period of time. Additionally, the committee has recommended that user fees continue to be reasonable and competitive with those at other airports in the Asia Pacific area.

India is a developing nation, thus travellers there are cost-conscious. The government has placed a strong emphasis on accessibility and sustainability in our national civil aviation policy. The Committee has found that the majority of individuals use airports primarily for transportation, check their bags, pick them up when they arrive, and then depart.

The panel stated in its report, which was presented to the Rajya Sabha, that other peripherals cannot be given that much importance as could instead be given to the passenger service.

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The standard of airport infrastructure is indeed an essential part of the total transportation network. Because it directly affects the nation’s competitiveness on the global stage and the flow of foreign capital. The Committee, however, believes that airport terminals should be comfortable and make travel easier and less stressful. They shouldn’t be unduly extravagant and the idea of airports being “gold-plated” by private operators should be avoided.

Avoid Pricey Makeovers For The Airport

gold plating airport
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The term “gold plating” describes the addition of pricey features or refinements that typically increase the cost of a project. The panel has advised the government to ensure that the modernization of airports, both those run by the AAI and those run privately, must provide the infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively, using the technology so that the cost of operations is reduced.

The panel noted that India is a “resource-constrained” country. The committee also noted that the majority of Indian carriers are experiencing losses despite the extraordinary growth in traffic.

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In this environment, cost-effective operations and sustainability are essential for airlines to remain in business over the long term.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons