Ayushmann Khurrana Believes He Is More Romantic Now Than What He Was In College Days

by Sanmita A
Ayushmann Khurrana Believes He Is More Romantic Now Than What He Was In College Days

Ayushmann Khurana crooning on Saadi Galli Aaja, Yahin Hoon Main, makes us swoon every time! And so will this light-hearted, authentic interaction with our host Kamiya Jani on Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales. Ayushmann recites a verse of his shayari, talks about his romantic moods and tells us how he was as a person in the initial years of his career.

Ayushmann Is MOODY?

As Kamiya talks to Ayushmann about his various phases in life, Ayushmann calls himself both romantic and practical on being asked if he’s a romantic person. But, he says, ‘I have mood swings ya. I can be romantic and practical at the same time.’ He says that he was much of a hustler during his college days and more of a romantic person now.

Being Romantic Is A Privilege: Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann describes his early days in Mumbai and Delhi as a time when he was working hard and trying to achieve…learning and evolving every day and not prioritising his love life at all. Ayushmann also says being a romantic is a privilege.


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Prefer Isolation Over Being Social

On being asked about not being a social person, Ayushmann talks about me-time, being surrounded by people and his job. He says that if he’s not shooting or interviewing, he needs to be alone, either with his family or himself.

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Ayushmann Talks Of Meditation And Creativity

As Kamiya asks if he meditates or not, he reiterates, saying he needs to meditate and how otherwise one might get consumed.

All of us would agree to how meditation is a necessity given the stress everyone goes through, especially post-pandemic!

Ayushmann Khuranna also talks about his friends that make him feel more real. In this episode of Sunday Brunch with Kamiya Jani, discover more about Ayushmann Khurrana, his personal favourites, his humble nature, his creative process and more!

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