Azerbaijan’s Flaming Mountain Has Been Burning For Thousands Of Years; Here’s All About It

by Mallika Khurana
Azerbaijan’s Flaming Mountain Has Been Burning For Thousands Of Years; Here’s All About It

On the Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan, there is a natural wonder called Yanar Dag, also referred to as the “Burning Mountain.” When the flames perpetually blaze on the earth’s surface due to the presence of natural gas, the amazing attraction mesmerises everyone. Also known as the eternal flame, it is believed that the fire has been burning for thousands of years.  The long-burning flames can rise up to three metres and can be seen on the hillside of Yanar Dag. We don’t really need to visit to realise how magnificent this sight must be.

Yanar Dag Is Nature’s Eterna Flame

Photo Credits: Canva

Yanar Dag is one of the few locations in the world where natural flames continuously burn on the earth’s surface. A truly extraordinary and enthralling sight is the dancing of the eternal flames on the hillside. It is believed that the vast gas and oil reserves found on the Absheron Peninsula are what caused Yanar Dag’s natural gas seepage. Humans have long used these reserves for a variety of uses, and natural gas has been exploited in the region for many years.

The unusual spectacle and the chance to see this fascinating natural phenomenon draw tourists. The scene is especially captivating after sunset, when the flames stand out more in the shadows. The constant low roar that Yanar Dag produces as a result of its natural gas emissions adds to the ethereal atmosphere that surrounds the burning hillside. Feel like booking a ticket to Baku, already?

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Add This Unique Place To Your Azerbaijan Itinerary

Azerbaijan Yanar Dag
Photo Credits: Canva

Yanar Dag has been portrayed in a variety of works of art, works of literature, and references to popular culture over the years, serving as a symbol of Azerbaijan’s energy wealth. After sunset, Yanar Dag’s flames are most visible, casting a spellbinding and mystical light. A truly breathtaking sight, the glowing flames against the pitch-black evening sky. Yanar Dag is a great location for unique photos. It provides an excellent chance for photography enthusiasts to take exceptional shots of the eternal flames.

Today, the moniker “the Land of Fire” continues to attract tourists seeking to witness the fascinating fire-related phenomena. It sheds light on the historical connections and cultural significance associated with Azerbaijan’s long relationship with fire. While in the region, visitors can also explore other attractions on the Absheron Peninsula, such as the Ateshgah Fire Temple and the mud volcanoes.

Yanar Dag is a must-visit location for tourists seeking a truly exceptional experience.

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