Badshah Prepares Pakoras & Says He Is In The Wrong Field; Could Be A Good Chef

by Sushmita Mahanta
Badshah Prepares Pakoras & Says He Is In The Wrong Field; Could Be A Good Chef

Reality shows are home to a lot of fun and entertainment. ZeeTv’s popular dance-based reality show this time has famous rapper Badshah revealing that he is actually in the wrong profession. Yes you heard it right! Badshah along with Payal Dev are appearing on the reality show as celebrity guests and it’s then the rapper points out that he is as good at cooking as he is at spitting out verses! Badshah will be seen trying his hands at making Pakodas (fritters) on the reality show while mentioning how he should actually have been a chef. Well, we say Badshah, please do both. We are sure everyone would love to see you cook as you rap!

Badshah Says, ‘Who Cooks Faster Doesn’t Matter, Who Cooks Better Matters’

A recent new promo for the upcoming episode of the reality show DID Super Moms shows rapper Badshah donning the chef’s hat. Badshah who will be seen promoting ‘Dil Ae Nadan’ in the reality show, is seen whipping up some besan along with other ingredients to cook some yummy Pakodas on the DID set. The rapper looked totally at ease as he kept frying the fritters and putting them out on a plate for the judges and contestants to taste. He was competing with choreographer judge Remo D’Souza and went to say that it doesn’t matter who cooks first, it’s the taste that matters! Well, we can’t agree more. Later, all the super moms and the judges praised Badshah for his amazing cooking skills which made the Rapper say that he could actually have been a better Chef than a rapper!

This Isn’t The First Time The Rapper Is Seen Cooking On Television

Before DID Super Moms, Rapper Badshah was seen flaunting his culinary skills on ‘Star vs Food Season 2’. On October 2021, Badshah appeared in one of the episodes of ‘Star vs Food Season 2’. The famous rapper was seen cooking ‘Amritsari Chole Hummus’ and ‘Cheese Kulcha’ along with ‘Jalebi Rabdi Espuma’ under the supervision of Delhi-based Chef Rajesh Sharma in the show. Must say, the rapper is right in saying he could have been an amazing Chef!


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