Sunday Brunch Ep 22: Badshah Talks About His Unconditional Love For Rajma Chawal

by Trishana Goswami

On this episode of #SundayBrunch Kamiya Jani quizzes your bad boy shah, Badshah to know if he has any ‘bad boy’ traits. Fondly called as Bittoo by his parents & grandparents, this rapper is quite a ‘good boy’ who doesn’t drink or smoke! His only weakness is FOOD. He confesses his unconditional love for Rajma Chawal and can eat the same dish all 6 days of the week. We test his true love in a fun food quiz called Eat-o-Meter presented by @HappydentIndia Sugarfree, your perfect post-meal companion. Will he win the Happydent hamper? Watch to know and tell us if you can get all seven answers right!