Bagging A Spot On Top 15 Windiest Cities Worldwide, Dubai Gives Us A Breezy Surprise

Dubai is in the 14th spot, making it one of the windiest cities in the world.

by Priyanka Fernandes
Bagging A Spot On Top 15 Windiest Cities Worldwide, Dubai Gives Us A Breezy Surprise

Dubai ranks 14th globally for wind speeds, averaging 13.6 MPH with gusts of 37.75 MPH, peaking in January and February at 12.08 MPH. Compare the Market AU’s study, which identifies Wellington, New Zealand, as the windiest city, followed by Rio Gallegos in Argentina and St Johns in Canada. Globally, high winds are increasing, evident in the Atlantic, with 20 named storms in 2023 and cyclones like Jasper and Freddy in Australia, posing potential threats to homes and causing substantial damage. The home insurance experts at Compare the Market AU conducted a study in response to the growing global prevalence of high winds. This analysis, based on historical weather data, provides residents with insights into potential risks associated with windy weather in the future.

Windy Countries In the World

windy countries
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Attributed to its coastal location and exposure to a consistent westerly wind, Wellington in New Zealand claims the top spot with an average wind speed of 22.7 mph. Particularly noteworthy are January and February, showcasing robust average wind speeds of 22.65 mph. In second place is Rio Gallegos in Argentina, where residents experience an average wind speed of 21.1 mph, reaching its peak in January at 25.67 mph—the highest monthly average on the list. St. Johns in Canada secures the third position with an average wind speed of 21.1 mph. Baku in Azerbaijan and Dodge City in the USA register an average wind speed of 18.1 mph. Turning to European cities, Copenhagen in Denmark secures the seventh rank with an average wind speed of 16.6 mph, while Reykjavik in Iceland holds the tenth position with 15.1 mph. Consistently observed across the studied cities, January and February emerge as the months with the highest wind speeds throughout the year.

Here are the top 20 windiest cities, highlighting places with notable and consistent wind speeds.

1. Wellington, New Zealand
2. Rio Gallegos Argentina
3. St Johns, Canada
4. Baku, Azerbaijan
5. Dodge City, USA
Melbourne, Australia
7. Copenhagen, Denmark
Oklahoma City, USA
Toronto, Canada
Istanbul, Turkey
Reykjavik, Iceland
11. San Jose, Costa Rica
12. Milwaukee, USA
13. Split, Croatia
14. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15. Shanghai, Chin
Dallas, USA
17. Canberra, Australia
Edinburgh, UK
19. Buffalo, USA

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Protect Your Home From Windy Weather

protect your home from adverse weather
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A well-protected home is more energy-efficient, potentially lowering insurance premiums and minimizing the need for costly repairs. It also enhances resilience against natural disasters, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment while contributing to a home’s long-term value.

Here are some tips to protect your home from severe weather:

1. Check and seal roof tile cracks to prevent leaks.
2. Ensure gutters are securely attached and free of debris to avoid foundation damage.
3. Seal draft areas, like windows and doors, for improved insulation.
4. Outdoors, clear the garden of potential projectiles and anchor down heavy items like trampolines.

These simple steps enhance your home’s resilience against adverse weather conditions.

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