Bahrain-Bound Gulf Air Diverted To Frankfurt Due To Technical Issues

by Anupriya Mishra
Bahrain-Bound Gulf Air Diverted To Frankfurt Due To Technical Issues

When a traveller leaves to travel by flight to their intended destination, they certainly don’t expect that their flight will be diverted to a different destination. After all, it’s not really common! However, sometimes things can happen mid-flight that can cause this diversion. Something similar was experienced by passengers of a Gulf Air flight that was flying to Bahrain from London. Here’s all about it.

Gulf Air Flighted Diverted To Frankfurt


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Recently, a Gulf Air flight to Bahrain was diverted to Frankfurt. In a report by Arabian Business, it was reported that flight number GF002, which took off from Heathrow Airport in London was flying to Gulf Air airport in Bahrain. However, it was later diverted due to technical issues to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. As it happens, the airline is working to transport passengers to their original destination as soon as possible. While there is no information about the technical issue, this statement about the transportation of passengers was released by the national carrier of Bahrain.

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Not The Only Flight To Be Diverted

Qatar Airways
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It isn’t the first time a flight has been diverted from its original destination in recent days. As it happens, not too long ago, a Doha-Nagpur Qatar Airways, flight was also diverted to Hyderabad due to bad weather conditions in Nagpur. It landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport with 99 passengers. Similarly, a flydubai flight from Bangladesh, which was supposed to travel to Dubai International Airport on Saturday, August 12, returned to stand due to a bird strike. While the passengers were provided accommodation where required, re-bookings were also being offered to the people. Such flight incidents make us feel thankful for the airline crew working tirelessly to ensure passengers have a safe flight. No matter what.

So, even though diverting of flights or delaying of the same can be quite taxing, it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry!

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