Football 35,000 Ft In The Air! Passengers In A Flight Go Crazy After Team Wins In Viral Video

by Anupriya Mishra
Football 35,000 Ft In The Air! Passengers In A Flight Go Crazy After Team Wins In Viral Video

There is something absolutely exciting about watching a game of football or even cricket with like-minded folks in a sports bar, isn’t it? Well, what if we told you that sometimes a similar vibe can be found thousands of feet in the air? Well, you needn’t be confused because we’re referencing a video of a flight that’s been going viral on social media. Yes, in a recent viral video posted on X, something similar was experienced by the passengers on an Emirates flight.

Video Of Flight With Excited Football Fans Goes Viral

A video shared by Jacqueline Felgate on the micro-blogging website, X, formerly known as Twitter, has gone insanely viral. The reason for this is that in the video shared, shows people on a flight rejoicing over Australia’s quarter-final win against France. In the 20-second clip, passengers can be seen live-streaming the match from the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup. Everybody is seen breaking into applause after Matilda wins against the opposing team! The video has already garnered over 20 million views from excited Twitteratis who cannot help but gush about the one-of-a-kind scenario.

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A Video From Emirates Flight?

Pic credits: Canva

This video seems to be from the cabin of an Emirates flight as it is visible through the cabin crew uniform of the flight attendant seen in the video. However, it seems that the video is also inviting quite a bit of witty jokes. The reason for this is that amidst the crowd of all passengers streaming the live match, there is one passenger who stands out. In the video, a passenger can be seen watching the Lord Of The Rings movie, which has garnered quite a bit of witty jokes from the people on the microblogging website. As it happens, Emirates also jumped on the bandwagon by replying with a GIF of a popular character from the movie series.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Jacquifelgate & emirates