Dubai Performing Arts Programme Is Back, 40 Days Of Oud, Violin & More Workshops

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Performing Arts Programme Is Back, 40 Days Of Oud, Violin & More Workshops

It’s no secret that the Arabic culture is quite rich. With its take on music, theatre, and local craft, there is so much to learn. And if you also happened to be an art enthusiast, then you are in for a treat! We say this because a 40-day Dubai performing arts program is coming back to the emirate this August, and we’re here to spill all the details about the upcoming workshop under this programme. Read on

Dubai Performing Arts Programme Is Coming Back This August

Dubai Performing Arts Programme Theatre
Pic credits: Canva

Dubai Culture & Arts Authority announced on Sunday, August 13, that the latest edition of the Dubai Performing Arts Programme is coming back to the city this August. Yes, the much-awaited programme is coming back to the emirate on August 20 and it will continue till September 30. The 2023 edition will feature a host of aspiring talents and art enthusiasts who want to develop their skills. According to a report by Gulf News, it was mentioned that this will be done under the guidance of a team of performing arts experts throughout the 40 days of the event.

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What Workshops Can You Watch Out For?

Playing Piano
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Did you know the programme offers specialised workshops? Yes, these are in the field of acting, theatrical directing, and musical instruments! So, as the event will be hosted by the Dubai Al Ahli Theatre and Dubai National Theatre, the workshops will let the attendees get knowledge about theatrical scenes, analyse scripts, and even prepare production costs, to name a select few topics. Besides this, there are also other interesting workshops like a violin workshop where people can delve into the world of Western and Arabic scales and learn some exquisite playing techniques. Additionally, there will be other workshops like Oud Workshop, an introduction to Umm Kulthum’s music, piano workshops, and Arabic singing techniques.

So, if you are someone who has a creative streak and would want to know more about your craft, this 40-day programme is definitely something you ought to attend.

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