Bandarful, India’s First Branch-To-Bottle Spirit, Pays Homage To Kumaon’s Playful Langurs

Cheers to fun, cheers to Bandarful️!

by Mallika Khurana
Bandarful, India’s First Branch-To-Bottle Spirit, Pays Homage To Kumaon’s Playful Langurs

Welcome to the wild, vibrant world of Bandarful, an artisanal cold-brew coffee liqueur like no other, emerging from the spirited hearts of Himmaleh Spirits. Nestled within the embrace of a family-owned independent distillery, Bandarful is the brainchild of two audacious visionaries, Ansh Khanna and Samarth Prasad, who dare to blend the realms of spirits with a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Introducing Bandarful, India’s First Coffee Liqueur


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Bandarful is not your ordinary liqueur. Oh no, it is a lively homage to our mischievous Langur friends with long tails who play in Kumaon’s lush landscapes. Imagine a delicious blend that dances across your tongue, telling a story of exploration from the rice fields of Kumaon to the coffee plantations of Chikmagalur. It comes to an end with a delightful elixir that captures the essence of India’s varied terroir.

Crafted with meticulous care and brewed for over 22 hours, each bottle of Bandarful represents the artistry of its creators and the untamed spirit of the land. The foundation of this wonderful mixture is made up of medium dark single estate Arabica coffee beans, hyperlocal rice, and Himalayan spring water. These ingredients create a rich, multifaceted flavour profile that entices the senses.

However, the tale does not finish there! Introducing their witty chief of staff, the Langur, a local whose playful antics have no boundaries. He is the one who travels far and wide, hand-selecting the best coffee cherries to put into our bottles. He takes full credit for creating Bandarful, India’s first branch-to-bottle spirit, with a charming and innocent demeanour.

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Celebrating The Charming Langurs Of Kumaon


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Ansh Khanna beams with pride, describing Bandarful as a journey that embodies the wild spirit of the nation. He invites you to skip the world of monotonous drinks and escape the ordinary with every sip.  According to Samarth Prasad, Bandarful is their tribute to unending happiness and festivities! Turning moments into memories and stories into legends, you set off on an adventure with each sip.

Unmistakable and full of personality, Bandarful is packaged in a distinctive flint-clear glass bottle. This impactful packing certainly makes spotting it on the shelf as easy as spotting a monkey in the jungle. With flavours as vibrant and expressive as the world itself, Bandarful promises a caffeine-fueled celebration for your palate. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, shaken into a cocktail, or savoured as a dessert. The perfect coffee liqueur or what?

So, let the amazing aroma of Bandarful whisk you away to a world of happiness!

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