Bangalore: Auto Drivers Go On Strike On March 20 To Protest Against Bike Taxis

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore: Auto Drivers Go On Strike On March 20 To Protest Against Bike Taxis

Bangaloreans, if you’re getting the Monday blues then it’s perhaps not just because it’s a working day again but the auto-strike happening on a Monday! On Monday, March 20, the Bengaluru Auto Drivers Unions’ Federation announced an auto strike to protest against Rapido bike taxis plying on the roads. Here’s more to know about this auto strike happening in the city.

Auto Drivers In Bangalore Go On 24-Hour Strike

According to a report by Times Now, the Bengaluru Auto Drivers Unions’ Federation called an auto strike against bike taxis as they allegedly claim that this puts their earnings to risk. Apart from thousands of auto drivers in the city going on strike. they shall also be part of a protest at the Majestic bus station. Well, so bear in mind that commute may be a sticky situation in Bangalore as auto shall be off the roads for a day.

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This is a 24-hour strike on March 20, Monday. Twenty auto driver unions under the federation have called the strike against “illegal” bike taxis like Rapido on the roads. This strike doesn’t come as a surprise as the auto drivers have been demanding for an auto strike against bike taxis for quite some time. A rally of rickshaw drivers will also march off from Karnataka Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai’s residence nestled on Race Course Road.

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In Their Words “Illegal” Rapido Bike Taxis Are Culprits

The convenor of the federation, M Manjunath, earlier revealed to The Indian Express that the government failed to safeguard the interests of auto-rickshaw drivers by not taking actions against “illegal” Rapido bike taxis. He stated that the government did nothing despite multiple appeals by rickshaw unions in the city. M Manjunath further added that bike taxis were exploiting youngsters by attracting them with incentives. He also drew attention to the drivers using whiteboards on two-wheelers, which are actually for personal use and not commercial purposes.

Well, the 24-hour auto strike will certainly play havoc in the lives of Bangaloreans on Monday and possibly give Monday blues. So, Bangaloreans, you may have to resort to cabs and other means of transport for the day.

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