Bangalore’s Lalbagh Gears For Independence Day Flower Show; Parking Restrictions Announced

by Tejashee Kashyap
Bangalore’s Lalbagh Gears For Independence Day Flower Show; Parking Restrictions Announced

Each year, on the occasion of Independence Day, Bengaluru’s Lalbagh hosts a mesmerising flower show that showcases the breathtaking diversity of floral species and architectural brilliance. Drawing tourists and locals alike, the Lalbagh Independence Day Flower Show has become an annual extravaganza that leaves its visitors spellbound. The majestic garden is all set to host the Independence Day flower show, from 04th to 15th August.

Bengaluru’s Lalbagh Gets Ready To Host Its Famous Flower Show

The main attraction of the Lalbagh Independence Day Flower Show is undoubtedly the breathtaking display of flowers in various shapes and colours. The organizers meticulously plan and design stunning floral arrangements, forming intricate patterns, replicas of famous landmarks, and iconic national symbols.

This year’s focus is on the Vidhana Soudha, the state capital’s major legislative edifice, and Kengal Hanumanthaiah, who was instrumental in its construction.

The centrepiece of the structure would be an 18-foot-tall floral copy of the Vidhana Soudha and a statue of Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the second chief minister of Karnataka. The Deccan Herald reports that more than 7 lakh flowers will be used to decorate the Vidhana Soudha. About 29 lakh blooms are anticipated to be used in the entire display.

The 10-day flower exhibit is said to cost government officials millions of rupees and typically draws thousands of people. Officials anticipate that this year’s Independence Day flower exhibition would cost them 2.5 crore and that over 10 lakh people will attend.

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A Huge Crowd Is Expected

The flower display will be attended by eight to ten lakh tourists, officials, foreign spectators, and schoolchildren. To guarantee a smooth flow of traffic, parking is not permitted in the regions around Lalbagh. According to an article by The Hindu, prior to the botanical garden’s flower exhibit, the Bengaluru traffic police have put in place parking restrictions around Lalbagh for a 12-day period.

The police have also arranged for parking at the following places.  Here are the places where you can park:

  • Al-Ameen College’s parking on Dr. Marigowda Road
  • Two- and four-wheeler parking in the multi-storey Shantinagara BMTC parking garage at K.H. Road
  • Hopcoms parking lot for two- and four-wheeler parking is located on Dr Marigowda Road.
  • Corporation parking area on J.C. Road for parking two- and four-wheelers.

Meanwhile, vehicle parking has been prohibited at:

  • Lalbagh main entrance to Nimhans on both sides of the road, Dr. Marigowda Road
  • On both sides of the Double Road of K.H. Road, from K.H. Circle to Shanthinagar Junction.
  • On both sides of the Lalbagh road from Subbaiah Circle to Lalbagh’s main gate
  • Urvashi Theatre intersection to Wilson Garden 12th cross on Siddaiah Road, both sides of the street
  • BTS Road: Lalbagh West Gate to R.V. Teachers College Lalbagh West Gate to Ashoka Pillar Ashoka Pillar to Siddapura
  • Junction from BMTC junction in the direction of the post office.

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