Slay It Like Barack Obama On Your Next Vacay

    What’s The Story?

    Richard Branson, business magnate & founder of Virgin Group, invited Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, to kitesurf with him at his Virgin Islands pad.

    After serving the US as President for two terms (eight years at that!), Barack Obama gladly embraced the opportunity to go on a well-deserved break! Below is the video Branson shared from the epic vacay!

    Not jealous yet? Check out the pictures!

    Former President Barack Obama & business magnate Richard Branson go kitesurfing at the latter’s retreat on Necker Island. Any guesses who slayed it between the two?

    Kitesurfing Level: Obama

    President Obama and his Michelle have been on an extended vacation ever since leaving office on January 2017

    Pictures: Jack Brockway/Virgin Handout via REUTERS FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

    The Internet Was Quick To React & Here’s What They Had To Say

    Desis React on Twitter

    When you miss someone so much that you create a video in his memory…

    Trying to imagine the chaos that America is while Obama is on a vacay? krazyfrog nails it!

    Looks like Obama isn’t done slaying it at his vacay but America seems to be already missing their US ex-president and want him back!

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    Sneha Pai
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