Beer Lovers, How Much Beer Head Is Too Much Beer Head? Is The Foam Good Or Bad?

Today, we are busting a myth. Beer that comes with a massive foam is better for your body than beer with no foam.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Beer Lovers, How Much Beer Head Is Too Much Beer Head? Is The Foam Good Or Bad?

A beer bottle clinking or a beer can opening is not just noise for beer lovers, it is blissful music! Drinking beer in the tallest glasses in a dimly lit bar with your dearest friends is the perfect way to wind down. While the conversations might be about anything and everything, have you ever wondered if your beer should have foam on top or not? Is beer with a huge head good for your body or the one which is flat?

Do You Get Your Beer With Beer Head Or Without?

If you are curious about that white bubbly beer head on top of your beer, you have come to the right place. If you are a beer connoisseur then you are aware that the beer head is good for you. There is a reason specific breweries pay special attention to the aromas of their beer because that in turn ensures to give a nice beer head. This nice aroma also indicates to the beer lovers that the beer is good and they will be served a real beer with a beer head and not a flat one.

Traditionally, after pouring, the beer was allowed to foam up and there was a foam scrapper or head cutter which was used to remove the excess foam from the glass. For that excess foam, beer has to be poured in an upright position which dissolves the trapped carbon dioxide. If you are served a flat beer, then request a new glass with foam!

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Is The Beer Foam Good Or Bad?

  • The quality or quantity of beer heads depends on many factors. Such as how the beer is prepared, how the carbonation of beer is done, how it is served from the tap or bottle and even the serving glass is an important part.
  • When you are served beer without a layer of beer head, the carbon dioxide remains dissolved in the beer. Instead of beer head in the glass, its formation happens in your stomach when you eat something. 
  • If you keep drinking flat beers then you will end up with beer bloat which is not good for your body. Therefore it is a mistake when the bartenders tip the glass to avoid beer head.
  • Even those little bubbles on top give off the pleasant aroma of a great beer. In this manner, you get you experience the divine sensory smell of the magical beer before you get a taste of it.
  • Further, the foam also manages to affect the taste of beer. The density of the foam helps to give that creamy texture.
  • If you would like to have a good experience with beers and beer heads, then you have to choose beers particularly brewed with oats or rye. 

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Are you tired of having a foam line cover your upper lip after you gulp your beer glass? Looks like that is utterly good for you. Now, don’t be annoyed by it.

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