Bengal’s Taki Offers A Sight To Behold On Durga Puja As The Borders Between India And Bangladesh Open 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengal’s Taki Offers A Sight To Behold On Durga Puja As The Borders Between India And Bangladesh Open 

People say “small world,” but we would like to say that the world is too big! There are so many unique rituals and traditions that take place during every single festival, and we are completely unaware of them. This reminds us of Taki, an Indian town in Bangladesh. It is one of the places that you must visit during Durga Puja. Why? Well, that’s because the borders between India and Bangladesh open up during this time. 

Bengal’s Taki Offers A Sight To Behold On Durga Puja

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Taki is about 80 kilometers from Kolkata and is accessible year-round. The winter, when the customary jaggery or Patali Gur is available, is the best time to visit Taki. But during Durga Puja, Taki can also be a day trip or overnight vacation. During Durga Puja, the residents on both sides of the Ichamati assemble to witness the immersion of the goddess Durga’s statue in the Ichamati river. 

Interestingly, the borders are opened for a short period of time during Vijaya Dashami, when the idols are transported to the river for immersion. Boats are free to travel up and down the river, but no one is permitted to enter the neighboring nation. 

Boatloads of citizens from the two nations joyfully exchange greetings and gifts. It is breathtaking to see. The pleasure also includes the boats carrying the idols. It is breathtaking to see.

As the sun sets, it is time to head back home, and border guards from both nations make sure that no boats are left in the sea. To view the idol immersion and the fireworks, people assemble on the banks. The wait for the following year starts as soon as the last firecracker flickers to a halt.

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Delectable Traditional Cuisine

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The Indian town of Taki is located across the Ichamati River from Satkhira in Bangladesh. This thriving community, which is located in West Bengal and is about 70 kilometers from Kolkata, has a long riverbank, which attracts many visitors from the city, especially in the winter.

All tourists should sample some of Taki’s exquisite and delectable traditional cuisine. Hilsa (Ilish), Rohu, Chingri, Parshe, and Pabda are just a few of the mouthwatering local fish specialties that can be found in plenty in this small village because it is situated on the banks of the Ichamati River. 

Taki is renowned for its sweets as well, particularly the “Patali Gur” (jaggery) and the “channa malpua,” a common dessert in the pancake style.

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