Bengaluru Airport: Women Try To Smuggle Gold Worth ₹67.57 Lakh In Blouse & Rectum; Caught

by Shreya Rathod
Bengaluru Airport: Women Try To Smuggle Gold Worth ₹67.57 Lakh In Blouse & Rectum; Caught

At airports, there are strict rules regarding things being brought with you. While there have been several attempts to smuggle precious items and animals, custom officers were able to seize them. A recent case took place at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru where gold worth ₹67.57 lakh was seized.

Bengaluru Airport: Custom Officials Seized Gold Worth ₹67.57 Lakh

kempegowda airport gold seized
Credits: Wikimedia

Attempted gold smuggling was prevented by customs agents at the Kempegowda International Airport, who also recovered 1.133 kg of gold with an estimated worth of ₹67.57 lakh. The gold was discovered by the authorities hidden in a suspect’s blouse, a packet of dry fruit, and another suspect’s rectum.

Two of the suspects, according to a statement from Bengaluru Air Customs, are of Indian descent, while another is Malaysian. The seizures happened on Saturday and Friday. According to the bureau, an Indian-origin traveller from Kuala Lumpur on flight AK-053 attempted to conceal 300.95 grams of paste-coated gold worth ₹17.9 lakh inside her blouse.

The second suspect, who is of Indian descent, tried to board Gulf Air flight GF 282 from Kuwait with 40 pieces of gold stashed inside a packet of dried fruit. According to the agency, the suspect also attempted to enter the country with an iPhone 14 Pro Max worth ₹1.49 lakh. Officials apprehended the third suspect, a lady of Malaysian descent, as she attempted to conceal 578.27 grams of gold paste inside her rectum and board aeroplane AK-053 from Kuala Lumpur. However, the investigation is still under process and details are yet to be released.

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Other Items That Were Seized From The Airport

1. 22 Snakes & A Chameleon Seized!

A passenger’s luggage contained about 22 snakes of various species and a chameleon, which were seized by customs officers. The reptiles were discovered inside a passenger’s luggage at Chennai Airport. The passenger had flown from Kuala Lumpur to India. CBIC shared images and video clips on social media that show several sizable snakes crammed into clear plastic containers that appear to have been taped shut.

2. Illegal Gold Worth ₹25.55 Cr Seized At Calicut Airport

At the Air Cargo Complex at the Calicut International Airport, the Customs detained two unaccompanied baggage pieces containing 4.65 kg of illegal gold valued at ₹2.55 crore. In the luggage of one Ismail Kannancherykandi from Kappad, 2.324 kg of gold were discovered concealed in a rice cooker and an air fryer. While 2.326 kg of gold were discovered in a juicer, a rice cooker, and a fan in the luggage. As per sources, the gold was intended for people outside of Kerala.

3. Priceless Objects Including An Expensive Watch Seized At Delhi Airport

The most costly watch ever seized by customs was at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Along with other priceless objects, the authorities have found seven extremely valuable wristwatches and opened a smuggling case.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Wikimedia

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