Bengaluru Man Orders Pizza And Loses ₹95,000 In Online Scam

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1924

What was the most expensive pizza you ordered? Was it the one topped with seafood or laced with truffle oil or how about the one which had pepperoni topping? While you’re busy pondering over this, a Bengaluru techie has beat you all to it. A Bengaluru man ordered pizza and ended up losing ₹95,000 in an online scam. Yup, that’s scary! Well, this guy got hit pretty hard, but you can save big with the best deals at these buffet restaurants in Mumbai. 

What’s More?

On 1st December, a resident of Koramangala, NV Sheik ordered himself a pizza using the food delivery app Zomato at 1:30 pm in the afternoon. But unfortunately, even after waiting for 1 whole hour his pizza wasn’t delivered. So he looked up for the customer care service number of the app. When he called the number, he was told that the restaurant wasn’t accepting orders but his money would be refunded. So NV Sheik was told that he would receive a message on his phone after the call. Once he clicked the link in the message his refund request would be processed.

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But when he followed the instructions on the phone and clicked on the link sent, he realised that the customer care executive was actually a fraudster. And this fraudster was able to access his bank account details. NV Sheik became the latest victim of the phishing expedition. In no time, ₹45,000 was deducted fro one of his bank accounts. Before he could transfer the remaining amount to another account, another Rs 50,000 had been deducted. NV Sheikh approached the Madiwala police station for help. He even filed a complaint and investigations are currently underway. Nv Sheikh had been saving this amount for his mother’s cancer treatment, so he was devastated to lose it.

What’s More?

Zomato spokesperson cleared the air and admitted that they don’t have a customer care number in the first place. They don’t have a calling service for customer care. The spokesperson said that Zomato constantly keeps reminding customers through different channels that they don’t have a customer care number. Chat and emails are the ways to reach out to customer care in the app. The spokesperson further stated that they take atmost care to ensure customer safety and they urge their customers to be alert and not share their bank details with anyone.

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If a person faces order delays and checks online for customer care numbers, random  searches show fraudulent numbers. So one must stay vigilant. There has been plenty of cybercrime cases reported over the last few months. A man from Bangalore lost ₹85,000 from his bank account because of a UPI pay scam operation. Even ATM kiosks are not free from scams as fraudsters place skimming machines there and take out money from the accounts of customers without their knowledge. Well as scary as all of this sounds, one has to be super cautious especially when it comes to digital transactions. And when it comes to pizza, here are the 20 Best Pizza Places In Bangalore For 2019, and do visit and experience this for yourself, to be on the safe side.

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