Bangalore Restaurants Take Out Onion Dosas From Their Menus With Rising Prices

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 386

Sometime back there was the insane news about onion theft in a shop in West Bengal, the cashbox left unattended. The price of onions has skyrocketed to around ₹100 per kg. It’s time to literally save onions for a rainy day. Well, the increased prices of onion have not only affected your homes but also the restaurants around the country. And now we have come to know that Bangalore restaurants will soon take out Onion Dosas from their menus with the rising prices. We just had our Ekta Kapoor drama moment. Nahinnnn!!!

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What’s In It?

The crunchy dosa with sweet and spicy Onion toppings and fillings will soon be removed from the menus of various restaurants in Bangalore. The unprecedented hike in the prices of onion has hit the low and middle-level food joints the most. The onion Dosa has now become neither a luxury nor an affordable snack anymore. Treasurer of Bangalore Hotels Association V Kamat stated to a reputed news agency that they have reduced onion usage in their restaurants due to the price hike. One on hand fine dining restaurants can manage to raise the cost of food items but middle-class eateries face the pinch of price hikes the most.

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Let’s face it, the good old kandha is a staple in our every meal, be it a North Indian or a South Indian preparation. So V Kamat further added that the usage of onions cannot be avoided altogether in certain dishes, but there has been a decrease in the percentage of its usage by lower and middle-class food joints. Customers, on the other hand, have voiced their concern regarding the food not tasting the same due to the reduction in the use of onions. This has taken a toll on the meals prepared. If you’re still drooling for dosas then check out these 12 Best Dosa Places In Bangalore For 2019

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What’s More?

Onions are now selling at around ₹100 per kg and this has definitely impacted the lives of restauranters, customers and our own homes to be honest. Customers of local eateries would like the government to help farmers and formulate policies to ensure such onion crisis won’t happen in the future. And we hope that the government does take this to notice and help the country to get over this onion crisis, as this definitely is the need of the hour. We might be going through onion crisis, our neighbour Pakistan has a tomato crisis. Did you know Pakistani Bride Wears Jewellery Made Out Of Tomatoes To Wedding Thanks To Outrageous Prices?

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