Pakistani Bride Wears Jewellery Made Out Of Tomatoes To Wedding Thanks To Outrageous Prices

by Pratiksha
by Pratiksha1549

One of the funniest scenes from 3 Idiots is when Raju’s mom complains about the price of bhindi while serving dinner. And that’s right before she scratches her husband’s chest (full of hair) with her rolling pin. That scene will go down in history but the takeaway from it was that vegetables are expensive. And one bride in Pakistan has decided to make a statement out of it. Ditching the wedding finery, this bride went ahead and wore jewellery made out of tomatoes. Yes, you heard that right! Let’s take a deep dive into this to see exactly why she went for this whacky touch.

pakistani bride tomatoes

Image credits: Navbharat Times

Pakistani Bride Wears Tomato Jewellery For Her Wedding

So, Pakistan is having a tough time keeping the price of vegetables in check. And it has gotten so bad that the price of a kilo of tomatoes in Pakistan is currently ₹300. Needless to say, your wallet is going to be quite light once you have gone grocery shopping. Since banning the import of tomatoes from countries like India, Afghanistan and Iran, the citizens have been struggling to get their veggies. And they are most definitely not happy with the situation.

One bride, in particular, was so unimpressed that she decided to call out the government on their decision. Instead of adorning herself with diamonds and gold on her wedding day, she went on and donned necklaces and bracelets made out of tomatoes. Speaking to a Pakistani journalist, she said that her relatives had gifted her 3 boxes of ripe and juicy tomatoes and she decided to make good use of them. She says, “Gold is expensive, and now even tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive. That’s why I am wearing tomatoes instead of jewellery,”.

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And it is not just the tomatoes that have reached a price that has sky-rocketed. Even onions are selling for ₹90-100 per kg. We are going to leave you with this GIF right here that sums up the entire situation.

pakistani bride tomatoes

Image credits: Make A Meme

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