Planning To Travel To New Kartarpur Corridor? Get Pakistan Visa In Just 12 Days!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1100

In our wildest dreams, our most outrageous expectations, we never dared to dream the dream that is now reality. Sometimes, reality really is better than your dreams. Since 1947, Pakistan has been off our travel buckets. Families have been split between the two countries, simple people go to their death beds without ever visiting their homes. The Partition was brutal, and lines drawn senseless, many villages were torn apart right down center because of a rushed decision. The misery ends with the coming of 2020, at least for one section of the mistreated.

What’s going on

Visa for Pakistan can now be attained by a simple online registration 12 days prior to travel. All credits go to Kartarpur corridor. The 4.5 km long highway connects Punjab town Dera Baba Nanak from Gurdaspur-Amritsar Highway to the International border. You can drive or walk to Pakistan and bow your head to Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev ji at his final resting place in Gurudwara Darbar Sahib, Kartarpur. This has been a long-time aspiration for Sikhs around the world. USA hailed the corridor as a great step in normalizing tensions between the two countries cut from the same cloth.

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kartarpur corridor

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What’s more

This move is motivating thousands of Indians to apply for passports for the first time. Passports, photographs and the one-day visa are prerequisites for Indians who want to make the journey. The visa allows pilgrims to spend one day at the Gurudwara. All pilgrims must return by dusk on the same day they leave India. The Kartarpur corridor welcomes people from all faiths to be blessed by the Almighty via this new initiative. The process of applying for visa is listed online. Offline help is being offered at government offices. Punjab government has taken it upon itself to make it easy for travellers to complete the pilgrimage.

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Curly Tales is feeling more patriotic than ever. Nothing makes us happier than peace between borders, that’s what travel is all about for us. Travel unites the world. In this new age of globalization, borders are obsolete. We can’t wait to render them invisible and come back from out sister country as if we never left. If you want a spot at the Kartarpur corridor, you better hurry and book now; limited people are allowed a day and the craze is real.

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