For The First Time Ever Go Air Starts Check-in Counter At New Delhi Metro Station

new delhi metro station
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 724

Travel is becoming easier and easier to entice us wanderlust-ers. Delhi is where the future arrives first in this country, time surely does move faster here. We know it and Go Air knows it too. They have a special surprise for the city and all its dwellers and visitors. In a first-time initiative for travel season, the airlines has taken it upon itself to usher in the next phase of comfortable traveling. Imagine mini airports all across the city so you don’t have to waste time in lines and roads to get there in time.

What is it

go air

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Go Air sets the first city check-in check in counter at the New Delhi metro station. You can check-in your luggage right there and head straight to the flight security check upon reaching the airport, boarding passes in hand. Travellers an get rid of baggage holding them down and get their boarding passes at the metro station and roam the city to their heart’s content. Foreigners no longer have to book a hotel and pay inflated charges for one day in the city.

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What’s more

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Passengers Go Air-ing to Abu Dhabi, Phuket, Bangkok, Muscat and Malé can check-in at the metro station 6 hours prior to flight time. That’s right, it’s international! Go Air is getting major lovestruck points from Delhiites and visitors too. People might actually opt to discover the city on a on route stoppage, thanks to Go Air’s forward thinking. For those of you who don’t know, travel time from metro to Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 is 17 minutes! That means we go straight to international waters.

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We can’t wait for this trend to spread all across the country. Go Air has changed the traveling landscape and there’s no going back. We don’t want to either! It’s amazing how innovative travelling perks can change your entire outlook towards a trip. Our problems are being cut into half after half by the authorities until it’s a miniscule figure we will be unable to put our fingers on. As if the travel temptation wasn’t enough already, now we have to control our desires until the next vacation with more fervour. Or shall we squeeze in a vacation between vacations with Go Air, purely for research purposes of course.

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