Bengaluru Ordered The Highest Quantity Of Meat & Seafood In 2022

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bengaluru Ordered The Highest Quantity Of Meat & Seafood In 2022

Bengalureans are the biggest foodies in India. There, I said it. A study by Borzo, a global delivery service revealed that the first priority for Bengalureans, when it comes to online deliveries in 2022 was food. Food comprised 41 per cent of online orders by Bengalureans on Borzo. And that’s just the beginning. Now, FreshToHome (FTH), an online platform delivering fresh meat and seafood declared that Bengaluru ordered the highest quantity of meat and seafood in 2022. Read on!

FreshtoHome Witnessed 68 Orders Per Minute In 2022

According to FreshToHome, over 68 orders for meat and seafood were placed across India per minute on their app. This resulted in 3.6 crore deliveries in 2022. Looks like, Indians enjoyed their fair share of tikkas, kebabs, fish fry and fish curries this year. The carnivores certainly had a gala time.

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The fun trivia goes on to reveal that Bengaluru topped the list for ordering the highest quantity of meat and seafood products among Tier I cities. Vijayawada and Jaipur emerged as the top Tier II cities in South and North respectively when it comes to meat and fish orders. FreshtoHome declared that Vijaywada witnessed a whopping125 per cent growth in just two quarters.

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Bengaluru Ordered Highest Quantity Of Meat & Seafood Including Spicy Chettinad Chicken

When it comes to ready-to-cook dishes, meat lovers in Bengaluru absolutely loved the Tamil Nadu special Spicy Chettinad Chicken. In fact, this dish saw the most repeated orders by customers. Not just Bengaluru, even Mumbaikars loved this dish. Moreover, folks in Chennai and Hyderabad opted for Granny’s Masala Fried Chicken, another bestseller on the platform. Also, Chicken Dumplings made their way to the hearts of folks in Kerala this year. Yum!

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