Bengaluru Wins The Title Of “Best Sustainable Mega City” For It’s Waste Management Efforts

by Tania Tarafdar
Bengaluru Wins The Title Of “Best Sustainable Mega City” For It’s Waste Management Efforts

Benalurians, give yourself a massive pat on your back. You have done very well when it comes to sustainable living. For others wondering what just happened, Bengaluru just won the title of the ‘Best Self Sustainable Mega City’ in the population category of fewer than 40 lakhs. That’s fabulous, isn’t it? Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs informed netizens on Twitter about the title given to Bengaluru. And how did the city do it? Bengaluru encouraged home composting and focused on decentralised was citizen-driven.

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The Home Composting

The home composting system, also known as ‘Bioman’ was citizen-driven and was encouraged in the city. For the rest of the country, the citizen driven compost markets or Compost Sandesh where different modes of compost making are showcased remains an inspirational model.  Bengaluru won the title over 40 lakh population as it scored 1,491 out of 3,200. Among Urban Local Bodies with over 10 lakh population, the city secured the 37th rank, and that’s great in itself. Sharjah Will Soon Be Home To A Sustainable City

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Rank 214 in Swachh Survekshan 

In August, Bengaluru ranked 214 in the Swachh Survekshan 2020. The city had slipped down from the rank of 194 to 214 this year with a score of 2,656.82 out of 6,000. The Swachh Survekshan 2020 is a survey by the Ministry of Urban Development. 242 cities were surveyed for a time period of 28 days for the year 2020, and feedback from 1.9 crore citizens was collected for this survey. In this survey, Indore emerged as the cleanest city in the country. 

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Tips To Practice Sustainability At Home

Plant your own food: Planting our own food is an easy way to save money, eat fresh food, and reduce our carbon footprint even more. 

Purchase items you value: Instead of hoarding on unnecessary products, just buy what you need. Buy products that will last you for the long haul, even if it takes you some time to save up for them. You will eventually reduce your carbon footprint this way.

Purchase ethically sourced items: Shop local and pick up produce from the farmer’s market. Buy bulk items that you can store in glass jars instead of plastic packaging. When buying animal products, research thoroughly and check labels to make sure that you purchase from companies that support the humane treatment of animals. Travelling To Bengaluru: Everything You Need To Know.

Way to go Bengaluru! We all must follow your footsteps.