Bengaluru’s 1st Double-Decker Flyover Progressing At A Super Fast Pace; Locals In Awe

by Tooba Shaikh
Bengaluru’s 1st Double-Decker Flyover Progressing At A Super Fast Pace; Locals In Awe

Bengaluru is all set to receive the first-ever double-decker flyover and from what people have been saying on the Internet, it seems that the speed at which the construction is progressing is surprisingly fast. In a tweet by a famous Bengaluru Metro Updates account, people have commented on how fast the progress of the construction really is. Many people commented on the tweet confirming that the progress was, indeed, pretty quick.

1st Double-Decker Flyover Progressing At A Fast Pace

An account on Twitter that usually posts updates about Namma metro lines called Bangalore Metro Updates recently took to their Twitter account and shared a few pictures of the currently under-construction Ragigudda-Silk Board Colony.

The tweet essentially expressed surprise at the rate of progress of the double-decker flyover. It said that the last time they were there, they don’t remember seeing the ramps, yet there they were now. In response, many people validated the initial tweet’s surprise and responded in kind.

Many people said that the pillars have been there for a long time, however, the ramp developed at an alarmingly fast speed. They also said that they were pretty happy about the current pace of development and hoped that the project would be finished sooner rather than later.

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About The Project

double decker flyover
Credits: @WF_Watcher/Twitter

According to what the Times of India reported in an article from January 2022, this project was initially meant to be completed way back in October 2021. However, it missed its initial deadline and the project was delayed.

The article also mentioned that the project was then set to be completed in the month of June of 2022. However, since the project is still under construction, it seems that they missed the deadline yet again.

The project is now said to be completed by June this year. One of the commenters on the tweet thread mentioned that the speed may be due to the fact that the government might want to get done with the project before the Lok Sabha Elections start.

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Do you agree that the pace of construction for this particular project was faster than usual? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @WF_Watcher/Twitter