Bengaluru’s Namma Yatri App Lets You Extend Birthday Wishes To Your Auto Driver; Netizens Find It Cute

Netizens discovered a new feature on Namma Yatri app that lets them wish their auto drivers on birthdays.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bengaluru’s Namma Yatri App Lets You Extend Birthday Wishes To Your Auto Driver; Netizens Find It Cute

More often than not, auto drivers in Bengaluru are chided for overcharging, refusing to ferry passengers to their destination and for rude behaviour. But ever so often, it’s nice to flip the coin and appreciate them for being the city’s lifeline. Bengaluru’s Namma Yatri app has a special feature that lets you extend birthday wishes to your auto driver.

Bengaluru: Namma Yatri Has Feature That Lets you Wish Auto Drivers On Their Birthdays

Recently, X user, @NehalMisra shared a screenshot of a notification she received on Namma Yatri app in Bengaluru. The notification informed the X user of her auto driver, Prasanna Kumar V’s birthday. And said that her warm wishes will make their day even more special. @NehalMisra said she had no idea this feature existed and called it, “so cute”. 

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Many Bengalureans like her were totally unaware about this feature. After all, no other ride-hailing app as far as our knowledge is concerned has such birthday-wishing features. @madhanb called it “Cute, love it”. @singvis34 stated, “Great feature indeed, warmth and gratitude will go long way.” @0xJayesh called it, “extreme wholesome”. @techbrohater said, “Not going to lie, it feels so patronising”. @MohhamedAlNajm1 says, “That’s Cool”. @simplysouthasia just typed, “Nice”.

The App Is Known For Quirky Notifications & Will Launch Cabs

When it comes to unique features, Namma Yatri isn’t a stranger to them. During the week of ChatGPT, the app created waves with its quirky notifications. Then again, when OpenAI’s co-founder and CEO, Sam Altman mysteriously left the company, the app upped its notification game again. “Pickup faster than Sam Altman’s return”, read one of the notifications. Such Peak Bengaluru moments grabbed lots of media frenzy and amused Netizens.

The latest news about this zero-commission app is that after autos Namma Yatri will launch cabs very soon. The team aims to increase transport options for its customers. Kochi and Kolkata already have cabs running. And Bengaluru soon will also have these cabs backed by Juspay Technologies.

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Bengalureans, have you ever seen a birthday notification on Namma Yatri?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @NehalMisra/ X

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