9 Best Butter Chicken Places In Pune For 2019

The dish that comes to mind when I say ‘comfort food’ is always creamy butter chicken along with some hot naans. Loved by everyone, it’s a combination that just can’t be messed with. Intrinsically it’s a North Indian dish but it has found a home in every state of India and is also the most preferred dish by foreigners thanks to its sweet taste. So, we thought, if you were to live in Pune, where would you get the best butter chicken?

1. Nawab Asia, Multiple Outlets

Known for making authentic Mughlai cuisine, Nawab Asia is one of the best places to go to when you are craving food that has been made in a smoky tandoor. Every dish here is extremely flavourful and will have you licking your fingers. Take their butter chicken for example. With just the right amount of tomatoes and cream, the dish is commendable!

Best Butter Chicken Places

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹1300 (Exclusive of taxes)

2. Cafe Goodluck, Deccan Gymkhana

For as long as people can remember, Cafe Goodluck has been serving hearty food. A legendary outlet, the taste of the food has remained the same since the place opened up in 1935. Their version of the butter chicken is amazing and tastes great when paired with a buttery roti or naan.

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Address – Cafe Goodluck, 759/75, Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Contact – +91 8087810002
Cost for 2 –  ₹600 (Exclusive of taxes)

3. Global Punjab, Multiple Outlets

No one does butter chicken better than the Punjabis. So, if the restaurant has Punjab in its very name, you know that they’ll do justice to the iconic dish. Besides their delightful butter chicken, they also have really good biryanis and tandoor starters.

Best Butter Chicken Places

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹900 (Exclusive of taxes)

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4. Punjab Grill, Viman Nagar

The brainchild of the Kalra family, Punjab Grill has become people’s favourite spots when they are craving some god North Indian food. Their butter chicken is the right amount of tangy with just a hint of sweetness to it and that’s how we like our butter chicken!

Best Butter Chicken Places

Address – Punjab Grill, Level 2, Phoenix Market City, Pune Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune
Contact – 020 66890610
Cost for 2 –  ₹2000 (Exclusive of taxes)

5. George Restaurant, East Street

Another legendary restaurant in the city of Pune, George Restaurant is known for having the best mutton biryani in the city. But on the side, they also whip up a mean rendition of the butter chicken which will have you reaching for multiple helpings.

Best Butter Chicken Places

Image credits: Zomato

Address – George Restaurant, 2436, General Thimayya Road, Camp, East Street, Pune
Contact – +91 8552904066
Cost for 2 –  ₹800 (Exclusive of taxes)

6. Mother’s Kitchen, Multiple Outlets

What we love about restaurants that have multiple outlets is that you can have your favourite dish wherever you are because of the ease of access. And Mother’s Kitchen makes some brilliant butter chicken which will actually remind you of your own mom’s cooking. Can’t complain about that, right?

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Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹600 (Exclusive of taxes)

7. Prem’s, Koregaon Park

Much like its name, Prem’s is an ideal date spot if you and your hubby are both avid foodies. Because the couple that eats together stays together. They are also pretty cool about having pets in the restaurant so you can take your pooch along to have a good time as well.

Best Butter Chicken Places

Address – Prem’s, 28/2, SBI Training Centre, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 9049288088
Cost for 2 –  ₹1300 (Exclusive of taxes)

8. Satguru’s Punjabi Rasoi, Multiple Outlets

Looking for food that’s worth every penny that you spend? Then you can’t go wrong with Satguru’s Punjabi Rasoi. This North Indian joint is not only budget-friendly but also has a banging kitchen which only serves flavourful food. Their butter chicken is easy on the palate and the succulent chicken pieces just elevate the dish to another level.

Image for representation Image credits: Kraft Canada

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹1,200 (Exclusive of taxes)

9. Tawa Street, Multiple Outlets

According to a lot of people in Pune, Tawa Street has the best butter chicken in Pune. Now that is a subjective statement but we can assure you that their butter chicken does make for an excellent one.

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹1000 (Exclusive of taxes)

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