5 Best Hotel Loyalty Programmes In India For Upgrades And Freebies

by Sanmita A
5 Best Hotel Loyalty Programmes In India For Upgrades And Freebies

Hotel loyalty programmes are a boon to the the frequent travellers. And if you are the kind who loves to travel and enjoy luxury, these loyalty programmes will be the perfect thing for you. These loyalty programmes come handy for people who love to enjoy luxury services with five-star hospitality. And, the best thing about these loyalty programmes is that you can avail discounts, special services and memorable experiences with them. Here’s all you need to know about the best hotel loyalty programmes which are purely awesome –

1. Club ITC

You will be awed with the wide range of programmes and benefits they provide to their guests. These programmes will get you additional savings, access to some great services – e-vouchers, spa sojourns. staycations, fine dining experiences and so much more. To check out all that is available for guests at ITC Hotels – https://www.itchotels.com/in/en/clubitc 

2. Taj Hotels

Though access to all these exclusive memberships depend on how frequently you avail their services, make sure you do use them whenever you earn such services. Taj Hotel’s loyalty programme is one such memebership that you wouldn’t want to miss. And, the Taj Hotel is superb when it comes to treating their guests luxuriously. Here’s when you can check what Taj offers its guests who’re frequent and ‘loyal’ – https://www.tajhotels.com/en-in/neupass/ 

3. Marriot

Marriot Group of hotels is another such five-star services which provide superb offers when it comes to frequent traveling. Their membership lets you take up free stays as well, lucrative discounts and bonus points for the city you’re travelling to & so much more. Here’s all you need to know on what Marriot’s inner circle is availing – https://www.marriott.com/offers.mi 


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4. Leela

Leela has great and innovative offers for their members. Their members have different levels of memberships starting from Gold. Silver, Platinum and Titanium. Their memberships benefits range from late check out, room upgrades, experiences, local offers to so much more. Honestly, you will love to be their guest again and again. Take a look at Leela’s loyalty programme that comes with mind blowing benefits – https://www.theleela.com/loyalty

5. Oberoi One

As Oberoi calls it, ‘distinctive guest recognition programme that guarantees a host of personalised benefits and privileges.’ Their host of membership programmes is available in a lot of countries including India, Egypt, Indonesia, Mauritius, UAE, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. With their services, you can save on dining, get your check outs done at your own pace, complimentary upgrades, stays and so much more. If you’re staying at an Oberoi Hotel, make sure you do check out their loyalty programme which promises benefits right from day one!

Here’s more about them – https://www.oberoihotels.com/oberoi-one/login/


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