This Spanish Hotel Offers A Free Stay In Its Suite But With This One Condition

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Spanish Hotel Offers A Free Stay In Its Suite But With This One Condition

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is super famous for its nightlife and electronic dance music club too. How about staying here for here? No, we are not kidding. A hotel on the Spanish island Ibiza is offering a night’s stay at their hotel that too for free! Well yes, you guessed right, there is a catch to this free stay. 

Spanish Hotel, Free Stay And Catch

Paradiso Art Hotel is a Spanish Hotel in Ibiza that is offering its guests a free night’s stay at their beautiful Zero suite. The hotel posted about its Zero suite on its Instagram page. Zero Suite is a room with see-through walls, according to an Instagram post of Paradiso Art Hotel. Additionally, it is located in the hotel’s lobby, meaning everyone can see what guests are staying there. As the walls are made up of glass the hotel mentioned it not being for the wallflowers. Furthermore, they are available for performing, for radio broadcast, for DJing… as long as you like the guests like the spotlight.

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Netizens Sharing Their Experiences

Olympia Anley shared a detailed video of the suite on TikTok, which is banned in India with the caption about making a lot of friends. She also spoke about her experience and informed people that there also is a bathroom with opaque walls and a door. Other people posted their experiences saying it is annoying that people keep banging on the window but the experience was altogether good. 

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