10 Best Things To Do In Salalah, Oman To Explore Its Beauty

From pristine beaches and verdant mountains to ancient ruins and vibrant Souks

by Priyanka Fernandes
10 Best Things To Do In Salalah, Oman To Explore Its Beauty

Located along the southern coast of Oman, Salalah allures travellers with its lush landscapes, rich heritage, and captivating beauty. From pristine beaches and verdant mountains to ancient ruins and vibrant souks, Salalah offers many experiences. Join us as we unveil the ten best things to do in Salalah, Oman, allowing you to delve deep into its enchanting allure.

1. Witness The Past At Sumhuram Archaeological Park

Sumhuram Archaeological Park
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Explore the ancient trading port of Khor Rori, now the Sumhuram archaeological park, nestled amidst Dhofar’s picturesque bays. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, located east of Salalah, offers a unique museum and archaeological exploration blend. Witness ongoing excavations and delve into the rich history from 1st century BC to 3rd century AD.

2. Marvel At Marneef Cave And Blow Holes

Marneef Cave And Blow Holes
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Located in Shatti Al Mughsayl, about 40 km from Salalah in Dhofar Governorate, Al Marneef Cave is a natural wonder. Though not a traditional cave, its unique rock formations against a mountain backdrop draw visitors. The site is also favoured for rock climbing and offers stunning views of the nearby Al-Mughsayl Blowholes and natural fountains, adding to the area’s natural charm and allure.

3. Shop At Al Husn Souq

Al Husn Souq
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Situated next to the Sultan’s Palace, the Souq in Dhofar offers a diverse range of items, from clothes to food to souvenirs. Bargaining is customary, with vendors offering unique products, including Dhofari Frankincense, perfumes, traditional Omani attire, and more. It’s a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, known for its vibrant atmosphere and array of goods.

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4. Visit The Taqa Castle

Taqa Castle
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In the picturesque fishing village of Taqah in Dhofar, Taqah Castle is a testament to Oman’s rich heritage. Built in the early 19th century as a private residence for Sheikh Ali bin Taman Al Ma’shani, it now serves as a renowned fort museum. With its well-preserved architecture and exquisite interiors, including captivating antiques and artworks, Taqah Castle offers a glimpse into Omani culture and history.

5. Thrilling Movie Experience At Palmyra 7D Simulator

Palmyra 7D Simulator
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Palmyra 7D in Salalah offers an immersive sensory experience like no other. With advanced technology, including water sprays, vibrating seats, and special effects like fake snow and lightning, it’s perfect for all ages, especially kids. Whether it’s Jurassic Park or The Nun, the latest films are elevated to new heights of excitement and horror, making for an unforgettable viewing experience.

6. Salalah Garden Mall

Salalah Gardens Mall, or Salalah Mall, is the city’s largest and first modern shopping centre. Combining contemporary architecture with traditional Omani design, it hosts international brands like Carpisa and Home Center, along with the only Carrefour Hypermarket in Salalah. Families and children are drawn to its captivating colour-changing fountain, making it a popular evening spot.

7. Explore Ain Razat

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Ain Razat, located outside Salalah in Dhofar Governorate, is a perennial freshwater spring that remains accessible year-round. This region of Oman boasts a multitude of natural springs, some of which are seasonal and can only be visited during the monsoon season, locally known as Khareef. Unlike many seasonal springs in the region, Ain Razat is a vital water source for Salalah’s farms, utilizing the traditional falaj irrigation system.

8. Immerse In Omani Culture At The Museum of the Land of Frankincense

The Museum of the Land of Frankincense
Image Credits: Beautiful Salalah Website

Discover the rich Omani culture and history by exploring the UNESCO heritage site, Museum of the Frankincense Land. Situated within the Al Baleed Archaeological Park, this museum offers captivating displays that delve into the origins of Frankincense discovery in Oman. Educational and immersive, this museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts of all ages.

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9. Drive To Anti-Gravity Point

Anti-Gravity Point
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On the road between Mirbat and Salalah, there’s a fascinating anomaly known as the “anti-gravity hill.” When cars are in Neutral gear, they appear to move uphill, defying gravity. While scientific explanations abound, it remains a fun spot for mystery enthusiasts and families. Stop your car, put it in Neutral gear, and witness the seemingly uphill movement, faster depending on the car’s size and weight.

10. Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat
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Wadi Darbat, a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasts lush green valleys, picturesque hills, and a stunning waterfall. Visitors can hike up the surrounding hills, dotted with small caves, or enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the scenic beauty. During the monsoon season, the wadi attracts crowds with its vibrant greenery, and visitors can indulge in street food from the stalls and restaurants scattered across the valley.

Salalah in Oman offers something for everyone. You can explore ancient ruins and natural wonders, indulge in shopping and cultural exploration, and visit unique attractions like Taqa Castle and the Anti-Gravity Point. And if you’re looking for peace, the serene beauty of Wadi Darbat offers a perfect retreat.

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