4 Best Vegan Cafes In Kolkata That Serve Comforting Plant-Based Delicacies

by Shreya Ghosh
4 Best Vegan Cafes In Kolkata That Serve Comforting Plant-Based Delicacies

So many people are choosing veganism to protect mother Earth and live a healthy lifestyle. As more and more people are choosing the path of veganism all around, many myths also coming to light. While some are based on the nutritional value of the foods, others are about the unavailability of these at all places. Well, such comments will come and go, but if you wish to try something vegan, you will find plenty of options at many places. While in Kolkata, these vegan cafes are a must-visit.

Bookmark These Vegan Cafes In Kolkata:

1. Ubuntu Community

Say hello to Kolkata’s first 100% vegan cafe, ‘Ubuntu Community’. Nestled in New Alipore, this cafe is a paradise for vegans. Ubuntu Community is founded by two environmentalists who are changing the atmosphere of veganism in Kolkata. In Kolkata’s first eco-friendly community cafe, relish lip-smacking vegan foods such as pasta, pizza, coffee, burgers, desserts, and in fact vegan meat. Now this is something very fascinating, right?

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There are quite a few cafes in the City of Joy that have a dedicated menu for vegans and at the same time, they cater to the non-vegetarians as well. Let’s at a look at the best cafes in Kolkata famous to serve mouth-watering plant-based dishes.

2. The Daily Cafe


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Nestled in Kalighat, The Daily Cafe is the perfect place to hang out in an amazing ambience while gorging on delectable food. Every knock and corner of this cafe is very aesthetic making it a perfect Instagrammable place. The daily cafe needs to be on your list if you love to eat vegan food as they have an amazing menu with some of the most delicious vegan options. No matter if you are trying to follow a healthy diet, they have options for healthy foods as well.

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3. Fabcafe By Fabindia


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Attention Vegans! Do not miss out on this cafe in Elgin. Fabcafe has so many lip-smacking delicacies for vegans starting from tea and coffee to smoothie bowls and parathas. Their vegan menu is short and precise having some amazing options.

4. Sienna Store & Cafe


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When it comes to the prettiest cafes in Kolkata, the listicle is incomplete without Sienna Cafe. This quaint cafe is a treat to the eyes and the dishes are surely a treat to our taste buds. This cafe has a long menu for non-vegetarians, but they have quite some options for vegans too. Coffees of Sienna Cafe taste heavenly and you can choose almond milk for this. From salads to desserts, the vegan menu is very delectable.

These are some of our recommendations for the best cafes in the city known for serving really good vegan food. Do you have any other places in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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