The Story Behind Beti Zindabaad Bakery In Chhatisgarh

by Madhusree Chatragadda
The Story Behind Beti Zindabaad Bakery In Chhatisgarh

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Here’s the inspiring story behind this amazing bakery in Chhatisgarh run only by child trafficking survivors!

What Is It?

Beti Zindabaad bakery is the only bakery in the Jashpur District of Chhatisgarh. In a bid to rehabilitate the survivors of child trafficking, UNICEF officer, Gauri Shaha, enrolled them in a government scheme called the Kaushal Vikas Yojna. It taught the young girls the necessary skills for running a bakery.

Credits: Indian Express

They fought many roadblocks such as lack of funding, space, important machinery and equipment and in six months time, Beti Zindabaad was set up in 2017!

The bakery sells freshly baked bread, cookies, desserts etc that are avidly purchased by the village folk.

What’s In It?

The bakery has also received the President’s award in 2018.


It has encouraged many more girls to set up similar ventures and run independent shops and bakeries in their hometowns.