Beware! This Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day

by Natasha Monteiro
Beware! This Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day

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The next time you visit France, you better be careful of the route you take. It might just disappear underwater.


What Is It?

Bring out your scuba gear because the next time you’re driving along the Passage du Gois, you may get submerged under 13 feet of water! This unique road connects the Gulf of Burnёf with the island of Noirmoutier.

The 4.3km long road disappears underwater twice a day during high tide. People can use this road only for a few hours twice a day. There are special panels installed on either side of the road to let people know when it’s safe to use. In case, you do get caught in the tide, there are elevated rescue towers for people to climb and wait. We can’t say much about your car though! Take a look at what we’re talking about:

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


This treacherous track first came about in the early 1700s . By 1840, there was a regular horseback service along this road. Today, the road is filled with cars and curious tourists. If the tide coming in is not exciting enough for you, the road also gets covered with slippery sea-weed and a dense fog! Our suggestion? Pack an inflatable raft, you know, just to ensure a not so watery-end.

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