The Bhool Bhulaiya In Mehrauli, Delhi Will Surely Get You Lost

by Angel Srivastava
The Bhool Bhulaiya In Mehrauli, Delhi Will Surely Get You Lost

Delhi is dotted with a number of historical monuments and mausoleum and each one tells a different story from the forgotten chapters of Delhi’s history. One such monument that remains forgetten, hidden under the shadow of a more prominent Qutub Minar. The Tomb of Adam Khan, is located in Mehrauli.

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Adam Khan was the general of the Mughal emperor Akbar, and was executed for murdering his colleague, general Ataga Khan. Built in the year 1562, the tomb was built in the shape of a domed octagonal chamber, that is now believed to be haunted.

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The stories originated when a group of wedding guests took shelter in the abandoned mausoleum and ended up being missing. Many believe that they got lost in the entwined architecture of the structure. It was since then that it got the name ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ which means a maze.

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Despite the stories and assumptions of the tomb being haunted, it sees a good number of visitors on a day with good weather. When the weather outside is well and sunny, the place is frequented by groups of youngsters, families on picnics, or just groups of men playing cards. It also a favourite place for people persuing photography.

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The original tomb of Adam Khan that belonged to the mausoleum was destroyed, but the major hall of the structure still has a reinstated tomb that onlookers can visit. Apart from that the building mostly comprises of a maze-like architecture, with many passages and corridors.

Today, the monument is considered to have a lot of significance in the Indian History, and thus remains protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The tomb is open for public every day between 8:30 am to 5:30, and while at it you can visit the Qutub Minar as well!