Bhutan Is All Set To Become 100 Percent Organic By 2020

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Bhutan Is All Set To Become 100 Percent Organic By 2020

Under 140 Characters

On World Tourism day, Bhutan aims to be a 100% organic nation by 2020.

What Is It?

The World Tourism Day was on September 27 and this year’s conference and panel discussions were about Bhutan aiming to become the world’s first country to be a full 100% organic.

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What’s In It?

That’s right, India’s neighbouring Himalayan country, Bhutan could be world’s first wholly organic nation by 2020. The political parties in Bhutan will aim to eradicate all chemical fertilisers and pesticides as part of its Gross National Happiness Programme.

Bhutan’s Tourism Policy sticks to principles of sustainability. The policies ensure that all tourist activities are environmentfriendly and are socially as well as culturally acceptable, and economically viable as well.

The nation will also monitor the number of tourists flocking in the country and will not allow more travellers than its ecology can support.


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