6 Biggest Dosas In India That Will Leave You Dumbfounded With Their Sizes

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 974

Are you a fan of dosas? Well, then how big is your appetite for it? There are places in India that serve dosas that are so humongous that they can make up for the meal of your entire day ( or even more than that!). Yes, today we’re are making a list of the largest dosas in India that can leave you dumbfounded with their sizes. If you’re someone who doesn’t share food with anyone like Joey, you might have to reconsider your thought while gorging on these dosas. So, where to try out the biggest dosas in India? Rolling out 6 options here!

1. Sankalp, Multiple Outlets All Over India

Sankalp restaurant has been listed in the Guinness world records for making the longest dosas in the world. In the year 2013, the restaurant specialising in South Indian cuisine had made a 53 feet dosa! The restaurant has outlets in several cities in India like Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Mumbai and Rajasthan. It also has international outlets in Australia. Sankalp serves dosas that are over 4 feet long in all its outlets. The jumbo dosas come at around ₹900.

2. Chennai Square, Kolkata

Chennai Square, located in Saltlake Sector 3, Kolkata serves a 5 feet long dosa which is the largest dosa in Kolkata. The massive dosa is topped with loads of cheese and spices and is stuffed with potatoes, pasta, noodles, and even pav bhaji. Sounds insanely delicious, right?

3. Madras Cafe Shahdara, Delhi

This dosa in East Delhi is super large and at the same time incredibly affordable too. The eatery calls this jumbo dosa family dosa and serves it for ₹200. The dosa is stuffed with aloo, panner, onions, spices and other ingredients. Madras Cafe serves different kinds of dosas which you can order as per your taste buds.

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4. Padmanabham, Delhi

Nestled by the bustling lanes of Delhi’s Janpath, it is one of the best south Indian restaurants in the capital. The place has gorgeous decor exuding authentic south Indian vibes. Ask about the best part, the place serves one of the biggest dosas in Delhi too which is over 5 feet long. The price of this dosa will range from ₹1075 to ₹1195, depending on the type.

5. Karuppaiah Tiffen Center, Bangalore

Karuppaiah Tiffen Center, also known as RK Dosa Camp, is a hit among the foodies of Bangalore, thanks to its utterly crispy jumbo dosa. Served with aloo sabzi, sambar and chutneys, the dosa can be devoured by 4-5 people and comes for only ₹200.

6. Nandu Bhai Ka Dosa Stall, Mumbai

Nandu Bhai Ka Dosa Stall in Mumbai is known to serve the biggest dosa in Mumbai which is also called the Bahubali dosa. This special dosa is around 5 feet long and comes for around ₹150. The dosa can be enjoyed by a group of friends or an entire family.

Which among these dosas have you already tried?

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