Biman Bangladesh Flight To Kathmandu Makes An Emergency Landing In Patna; Cites Technical Issue

by Mallika Khurana
Biman Bangladesh Flight To Kathmandu Makes An Emergency Landing In Patna; Cites Technical Issue

Safe Travels! That is all we hope for every time we take a flight. Naturally, anything that hinders our pleasant experience results in chaos. The Bangladesh Biman recently faced some technical issues, resulting in major discomfort for everyone. This flight which took off from Dhaka on Friday morning was bound for Kathmandu. It had to make an emergency landing in Patna after the pilot faced some technical difficulties.

Biman Bangladesh Flight Made An Emergency Landing In Patna 

Emergency landing
Photo Credits: Canva

On Friday afternoon, a Boeing 738 aircraft carrying 77 passengers was diverted to Jay Prakash Narayan Airport in Patna. After the pilot faced some technical issues while flying over Patna, it was cleared to make an immediate emergency landing. According to the airport director of Patna airport, Anchal Prakash, the Biman Bangladesh flight made an emergency landing at 12:01 pm.

The aircraft engineers tended to the issues immediately. Even two fire tenders were kept on hold 70 metres from the runway. As per the officials, the left wing flaps of the aircraft were facing an issue. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation also issued a statement assuring the safety of all 77 passengers after a successful emergency landing in Patna. These passengers were allowed to wait inside the airport terminal building until the issues were fixed by the engineers. All other standard operating procedures were also followed while the flight was at Patna airport. 

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The Aircraft Finally Departed For Kathmandu After 4 Hours Of Delay

Bangladesh flight
Photo Credits: Canva

The officials revealed necessary information regarding the incident and informed the public that aircraft engineers inspected the flight thoroughly right after the landing. This flight took off from Dhaka at 10:15 am and the tentative time of arrival in Kathmandu was set at 11:35 am. However, when the pilot faced technical trouble with the Boeing 738 aircraft’s left wing flap mid-air, the airport traffic controller (ATC) granted permission for an emergency landing at Patna airport.

The flight was finally given the green signal to fly by the engineers. The pilot was also asked to determine the airworthiness of the plane. Once the technical team approved the flight, it finally took off for Kathmandu at 4 pm.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva