Bir’s Music Splendour Returns With Musication; Artist Bharat Chauhan To Headline, Dates & Details

by Tejashee Kashyap
Bir’s Music Splendour Returns With Musication; Artist Bharat Chauhan To Headline, Dates & Details

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Bir is a quaint town in Himachal Pradesh, known for its serene landscapes and spiritual vibes. However, once a year, this serene haven transforms into a pulsating hub of energy and rhythm. It is a mesmerising journey into the heart and soul of music, where the air is filled with the melodies of various genres. Rejoice as Musicathon, Bir’s well-known and beloved two-day musical festival, returns in full force for its 11th edition.

Bir’s Musicathon Is Back


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The journey to Bir itself is an adventure, with winding roads that offer breathtaking views of the lush green mountains. The festival grounds are a kaleidoscope of cultures and musical influences.

For its eleventh edition, Bir’s much-loved and well-known two-day music festival, Musicathon, is returning in full glory. This edition, which will take place on December 23rd and 24th, 2023, is yet another feather in its cap. The amazing lineup for this season includes power-packed performances by musicians from many genres and will prove to be a perfect blend of music, travel, camping, and enjoyment.

Bir, Himachal Pradesh’s lovely city, has been a proud home to this soulful festival since its humble beginnings in 2019. This festival has played an important role in supporting young and talented rising independent artists by providing them with a safe environment to perform in front of a large gathering of music fans and travellers from all over the country. The event, which began as a few hours’ fiesta with two singers performing in a café, has gradually grown into a prominent music festival held twice a year.

The Indie Groove Stage is a melting pot of creativity, where independent artists from across the country showcase their raw talent. The energy is palpable as these artists take the stage.

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What’s The Artist Line-Up?


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Here’s how the line-up looks for this year’s music scene in Bir –

  • Bharat Chauhan, a Delhi-based singer-songwriter noted for his melancholy psychedelic songs, will headline the event.
  • Samar Mehdi, an eclectic singer and songwriter who has made a space for himself and is widely renowned for writing and performing his music in a ‘percussive fingerstyle’ manner, will headline the exciting lineup.
  • The indie rock band ‘The Khalnayak‘ from Delhi will make the audience dance to their songs.
  • Shubham Kabra, a famous pop singer-songwriter, and Soumendra, a classical singer with Sumit and Mahavir, will undoubtedly make the audience drool with their singing magic.
  • Hailing from Himachal, band 4 Musafir and Buland Himalay a.k.a. Jatin Sharma, known for his energetic performances will ensure every music lover attending the event is swooning to his Himachal music.
  • Gunjan Saini, a poet and storyteller, will perform “Tum mudh ke mat dekhna” and “pyaar ya self respect” are well-known among the cult audience.

The festival grounds, adorned with vibrant tents and stages, are a visual spectacle against the backdrop of the majestic mountains. Camping under the starlit sky is an integral part of the Musicathon experience. The campgrounds come alive with the glow of bonfires and the soft strumming of acoustic guitars. Strangers become friends, and impromptu jam sessions under the canopy of stars create a harmonious extension of the festival’s spirit.

So, are you heading to Musication in Bir?

When: December 23rd and 24th
Cost: Starting from ₹2500 for the music pass, and ₹4500 for the Music Pass + Stay
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