Bitten By Wanderlust? Visit The Geographical Centre Of India At Nagpur!

by Kritika Kukreja 2410

Under 140 Characters

The Zero Mile Stone in Nagpur is the monument that marks the geographical centre of our country!

What Is It?

The Zero Mile Stone in Nagpur marks the geographical centre of the country. This monument was constructed during the British era and used to calculate the distance between states with Zero Mile Stone as the starting point. It is located in the South East direction of the Vidhan Bhavan and has distances of many cities engraved on it.

What Do We Know?

Our country was divided into provinces instead of states and Nagpur was initially the capital of Central Provinces in India. Later, they also planned to make Nagpur the second capital of the city, but as states were formed, it came under Maharashtra and now its the second capital of Maharashtra. 

The Controversy 

Post the partition of India, there’s been a debate whether Nagpur’s Zero Mile Stone is still the geographical centre. Currently a Great Trigonometrical Survey reveals that the centre lies somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. It is now supposed to be in Karaundi, located about 40 km from Sihora in Jabalpur district.

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