Bizarre Food: Noodles Cooked With Vanilla Ice Cream And Chilli Sauce; Our Eyes Are Bleeding

by Tooba Shaikh
Bizarre Food: Noodles Cooked With Vanilla Ice Cream And Chilli Sauce; Our Eyes Are Bleeding

Cooking, for many, is a therapeutic process that sometimes begets dishes that are no less than art pieces. But for some, cooking is a medium to wreak havoc in an already godforsaken world by making culinary Frankenstein’s monsters. Guess which of the two categories we bring to you today? An Indonesian food blogger recently took to Instagram to share a bizarre food item. Noodles cooked in vanilla ice cream and chilli sauce.

Bizarre Food: Noodles Cooked In Vanilla Ice Cream & Chilli Sauce


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Have you ever looked at something and wondered how much better life would be if you didn’t know about its existence? If not, after looking at this bizarre food recipe, you definitely will. This particular monstrosity managed to combine two perfect things, ruining both of them in the process.

The video, nothing short of a crime in our opinion, recorded the entire (disgusting) process of the monstrosity being created. First, a couple of soft-serve vanilla ice creams were added to the heated and oiled wok. It is important to specify that the two ice creams were added with the sugar cones to the wok. We should have realised that nothing good awaited us then and there.

Then, a cake of noodles was thrown into the melted monstrosity and stirred. If that didn’t make you gag, a whole bunch of chilli sauce was also added to the culinary abomination. Finally, the dish was topped with a lot of salt to ensure it tastes salty (less salty than us after watching that dish being made.)

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Video Goes Viral On The Internet

The video was posted by an Indonesian food blogger whose bio ironically claims that they love to try authentic cuisines. It was posted on the 8th of March and has made rounds on the Internet owing to the abhorrence it evokes in all who see it.

Being true to the saying “Any publicity is good publicity,” the video garnered more than 109 thousand likes and more than 6.7 million views. Predictably, the Internet did not react well to this bizarre monstrosity. If there was a jail for culinary crimes, then this person would’ve definitely received life imprisonment.

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Would you (and if yes, why and who hurt you?) try this culinary crime? Let us know in the comments below!

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