Chocolate Biryani Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend And The Internet Is Angry

by Suchismita Pal
Chocolate Biryani Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend And The Internet Is Angry

A plateful of aromatic, spicy biryani topped with juicy chicken is pure emotion. But how would you react if we say that someone just drenched our favourite biryani with liquid chocolate? Chocolate biryani is also a food trend now and a shop named RCB in Karachi is actually serving it up. FHM Pakistan shared a video of this bizarre dish on YouTube on June 14, 2021. A man in the video tasting the biryani actually seemed to love it. But biryani lovers on the internet are clearly disappointed.

The Host Wants To Kiss The Hand Of The Chef After Tasting The Chocolate Biryani

The moment the host tasted the biryani, he uttered. “Oye hoye hoye hoye hoye! Kuch bhi nehi khaya bhai aap ne agar ye nehi khayi toh .. Kya baat hain!” ( You’ve eaten nothing, if you haven’t eaten this). He also added that he wanted to kiss the hand of the chef. He further stated, “Toh janab, agar aap ne iski biryani nehi khayi toh aap bohot badi galti kar rhe hain.. toh yaha par aye aur humein kha ke zaroor btaiyega ki aap ko kaisi lagi ye biryani.” ( If you haven’t eaten biryani here, you’re doing a big mistake… so come here and taste this biryani and tell us your thoughts about it).

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The Internet Is Displeased

Though the strange biryani was liked by the host, it did not go well with the netizens. One user wrote, ” How dare you!”, followed by a punch emoticon. Another wrote, “Mein pure vegetarian hu aur ye dekhne ke baad mera pulao se vishwas uth gya.”( I’m a vegeterian, and after watching this I have disbelief on pulao too). In another Youtube Channel, the host has also been trolled for his reaction, “Oye hoye hoye hoye hoye! ” Many people called it, “Oscar Level Acting”. And we’re still out of words.

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