Bizzare British Championship Involves Wrestling In Gravy

by Sanmita A
Bizzare British Championship Involves Wrestling In Gravy

The internet keeps us informed about the weird and bizarre things that happen in the world. This time a rare thing that caught people’s attention is a game of wrestling. Well, nothing about the game, but how it was being conducted. The contestants in this wrestling game had to fight it out in a sea of gravy. This game is called the World Gravy Wrestling Championship. And, honestly, it truly got us surprised!

The British Wrestling Game In Gravy

Although this championship might seem super rare, but it is a legit game that used to be held pre-pandemic. And, this year it taking place after a two-year halt. The game’s 12th edition took place in England, outside a pub, where men and women fought for two-minutes in gravy. The event raised money for a local charity. Meanwhile, take a look at the video of this rare wrestling championship in gravy –


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How Is The Gravy Prepared For This British Game?

The contestants in this championship wrestle in gravy. The area where the contestants wrestle is filled with gravy made of meat stock, flour which filled with salt and pepper. Do not expect it to be a full desi gravy. This version of the British gravy is usually served with bread etc. It is tagged as one of the craziest culinary competitions in the world. It was on halt for two years due to the pandemic. And finally, took place recently. Contrary to the normal wrestling championships, a contestant taking part in this will be judged on the basis of their outfits, comedy timings and wrestling skills.

Tell us what do you think of this gravy challenge & would you prefer to take part in one?

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